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2015 Black Ford F-150 Paint Correction, Clear Bra & Ceramic Coating

Ford F150 Clear Bra and Ceramic Coating

A short while back, a customer brought their 2015 F150 to us for a bit of a makeover. They were looking to fix some paint chips, perform paint correction, install a partial front clear bra, and apply Ceramic Pro ION ceramic coatings. It was almost like discovering the fountain of youth for their truck.

I should mention that this customer had really taken excellent care of their vehicle. However, even though it’s a 2015 model, the fact that it’s black means any imperfections stand out. Our skilled team members, Jeremy and Angel, invested a substantial amount of time tackling the paint issues and addressing those pesky paint chips.

They did all of this before even moving on to the coating phase. Once the coating process was completed, the results were truly remarkable. We all know how brand-new cars have that stunning appeal. But being able to take a truck that has seen 7 years of use and rejuvenating it to look nearly new requires not only a top-notch product but also a level of skill that’s truly exceptional.

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