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The Auto Detailing 360 Story

Our founder Justin Krauss has been selling niche products for the garage for over two decades. He purchased a new vehicle and became extremely frustrated with the lack of product and expertise for the average person to clean and detail their own vehicle. After going to an auto parts store, a couple of big-box retailers, and checking around online he noticed that there were places with plenty of product but no support. There were other places with a variety of products but not everything you needed, and they knew next to nothing. He went online and asked a major national manufacturer which products he needed, and they could not answer his simple questions. From that day forward he set out on a mission. He spent months studying, training, and working with different manufacturers. He had trainers fly in to teach his staff. Then he partnered with Jeremy, who has been working on cars his whole life, as well as his own wife and decade-long business partner, Riina. Together they are building a detailing company that will offer quality products at the guaranteed lowest price with a team that has worked with the product, hands-on, and can get you exactly what you need.

Our goal is to empower the DIYer to knowledgably detail their own vehicle while providing exceptional value and support to the professional detailer.

“ We are not here to take business from the small local detailer. To the contrary we want to make professional grade products available to them at wholesale pricing. But, we also know that between detailing appointments many consumers are focused on maintaining their vehicles appearance and resale value. We are here to help! ”


Free Shipping

It's simple. Spend $50 or more and we cover the shipping

Easy Returns

If you receive a product and wish to return it, you can do so within 30 days of purchase. We offer full refunds on unopened material. If you are not satisifed with the product but have used a portion of it we may be able to issue a Pro-rated instore credit towards a different product.


Support means real people, based out of our real warehouse that have worked with real products hands on and can guide you in the right direction

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