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Are Lifetime Ceramic Coatings a scam?

Ceramic Pro ION Porsche

Are lifetime ceramic coatings a scam? Typically the conversation goes something like this. You walk into an average ceramic coatings applicator. They may sell Gyeon ceramic coatings, IGL ceramic coatings, or another brand, or even another Ceramic Pro installer. Since they do not have the Ceramic Pro Ultimate ION product, they will look to downplay the warranty coverage of a lifetime coating.

Put yourself in their situation. They have set up shop around the idea of offering professional-grade ceramic coatings. Perhaps they are not even certified, are trying to install consumer-grade ceramic coatings, and do not have a warranty at all. This is a tough and competitive business, and to make things worse, the company that has been the #1 in innovation and installed ceramic coatings on a national level hand-picks a local detailing company to be an Elite dealer.

How do you respond? You try and poke holes in the Ceramic Pro coating you can’t offer. If you are a Cerami Pro dealer, you try and offer the Gold package or silver package because more layer of protection has to be better.

The problem with all of these claims is they are basic sales 101. Sell what you have. The truth is that while there are virtually no warranty claims on the paint coatings Elite Dealers offer, the simple, in-writing fact is that when you have ION or Ultimate ION applied to your vehicle, you walk away with a CarFax-verified warranty that is valid and honored at thousands of locations across North America – Not just the original installer.

Ultimate ION Lifetime Package

Ceramic Coatings: Everything You Need to Know

We have covered most of what you need to know about Ceramic Coatings in our buying guide, but let’s have a look at some of the basics of ceramic paint protection.

First, understand that a professional-grade ceramic coating is much more than a thin layer of protection. It outlasts paint sealant, and you will never have to apply car wax again. ION technology does not sit on top of your clear coat. It fuses to your car’s paint and creates a permanent layer that is scratch-resistant, abrasion resistant and has outstanding hydrophobic properties.

Ceramic Pro ION Layers

That is not to say that a ceramic coating can’t scratch or get rock chips. We suggest paint protection film on certain areas. It means that a daily driven car will have an unimaginable gloss and a surface that is protected from water spots, tree sap, bird droppings, and more. It means the entire vehicle, glass coating, plastic, trim, and more.

There should never be an upcharge for paint correction. Paint correction is part of the proeess and should always be included.

If you are looking for more options or are worried, you will have to spend thousands, relax and give your local Elite Dealer a call. Elite Dealers offer everything from Sport Packages for a few hundred dollars to Ultimate Armor lifetime packages that include PPF and ceramic. You can also have your windows tinted at the same time.

What is the product that dealerships apply to your paint?

Unless your dealer is outsourcing their work to a Ceramic Pro Elite dealer, chances are they are using a low-cost, low-quality spray ceramic that does not protect your vehicle from scratches. The truth is:

Dealerships know that protection packages are a huge money maker

One bottle of spray coating used over a dozen cars is not what you want. When it comes to paint protection, your best choice is to decline all services from the dealer and find a Ceramic Pro Elite dealer.

Ceramic Coatings Explained

How much SHOULD a paint sealant application cost?

Paint sealants are applied to every detail we offer. A basic paint sealant should not be an additional expense.

“Your car will be damaged if you don’t buy this”

There is some truth to that statement. The quality of paint and clear coat on most vehicles today are greatly lacking. The Mil thickness is reduced from where it used to be, and today’s vehicles need to be protected. Unfortunately, your car dealership is not the one to help with that. In fact, we spend hours repairing the damage done by their pre-delivery wash.

Dealer options to avoid

  • We highly suggest, even if you are not buying a ceramic coating, that you instruct your salesman to write on the buying order that you do not want the dealer to wash or detail the exterior. You are much better off taking your vehicle to even an average detailer.

  • Paint Protection Film – Most dealers charge more and cover less than Elite Dealers

  • Paint Sealants & Ceramic Coating

  • Interior Coatings

  • Stain Guard

Stain Protection

In addition to offering protection for the exterior of the vehicle, all Elite Dealers offer ceramic protection for the interior of your vehicle.

Ceramic Pro ION is the next evolution in surface protection technology.

  • Superior Abrasive Resistance
  • Improved Chemical Resistance
  • A single layer of ION provides the same protection as two layers of traditional nanoceramic coatings.
  • Allows professional detailing shops to complete more coating installations in less time
  • Designed specifically for the Elite Dealer Program

How Does Ceramic Pro ION Technology Work?

Ceramic Pro created the original 9H ceramic coating that permitted installers to stack multiple layers to provide maximum protection and longevity. Advancements in manufacturing technology have allowed Ceramic Pro to once again revolutionize the ceramic coating industry with the launch of Ceramic Pro ION and ION Top Coat.

Ceramic Pro ION is a two-component ceramic coating system that utilizes revolutionary ION Exchange Technology to fuse multiple coating layers into a single, durable, and robust protected surface. This coating technology increases the strength of the atomic bond within the two coatings and the original substrate once applied.

The result is a ceramic coating that produces twice the durability, integrity, and longevity of traditional nanoceramic coatings.

This Next Generation Ceramic Coating is exclusively available at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers.

Ceramic Pro ION Coating Packages

This premium-grade ceramic coating is exclusively sold and installed by Ceramic Pro’s network of Elite Dealers.

We offer two ION installation packages:

ION Base Coat

The first stage of the ION coating system, it provides a solid primary layer of coating that fills microscopic imperfections found in clear coats. As a result, it becomes resistant to oxidation, corrosion, abrasion, and UV damage.

ION Top Coat

The second stage of the ION coating system helps activate the ION exchange reaction. This provides superior hydrophobic properties and increased chemical and abrasive resistance.

Offering Extreme Protection with ION Exchange Technology

The impossible has become a reality by utilizing ION Exchange Technology in Ceramic Pro Next Generation Coatings. ION Exchange is a sophisticated chemical process that allows for a significant increase in the density of a substance.

ION Exchange Technology has been used in different industries – such as water purification, performance lubricants for mechanical components, and ultra-hard screens for modern smartphones.

Scientists at Ceramic Pro discovered a way to integrate this proven technology into modern nanoceramic coatings.

The installation of Ceramic Pro ION is a two-step process. It begins with the application of Ceramic Pro ION Base. This initial layer of coating forms a permanent bond with Automotive Paint. Once it cures, ION Top Coat is applied to the base.

At this point, the Top Coat replaces the smaller IONs in the base coat with larger IONs, reducing the free space between molecules and further strengthening the chemical bond to the automotive paint. It also creates a much thicker, harder, deeper, and dense single layer vs. the traditional stack of independent layers.

Thick & Durable

A single layer of ION provides the same protection as two layers of traditional nanoceramic coatings.

Abrasion Resistance

Superior abrasive and chemical resistance


Is the ability of a coating to repel liquids and various contaminants that may be contained in them


Twice the strength of traditional professional-grade nanoceramic coatings

Superior Gloss

Superior gloss and mirror-like finish


High-density guarantees that there are no pores or other imperfections that may leave a way for an unwanted substance to reach the surface underneath the coating.

Get Ceramic Pro ION for your vehicle at an Elite Dealer Today.

There are a lot of ceramic coatings on the market. The term ceramic is a major buzzword these days. It is highly suggested that you review our buyer’s guide before deciding. We also have a great FAQ page.

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