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Best Window Tint Grand Junction

Best Window Tint
Grand Junction, CO

Truck & Car Window Tint

We Just Changed the Window Tint Rules (Again)

Let’s make it simple. Dyed (CS) film provides no protection and blisters. Hybrid metallic films interfere with wireless and GPS signals. We don’t sell either!

If you are going to put window tint on your car, you either want lifetime carbon window tint or lifetime ceramic window tint. Carbon tint blocks 70% of heat. Ceramic (IR) tint blocks over 90%. Both block over 99% of harmful UV rays.

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What if we told you you could have Ceramic Pro Carbon X film for the price you pay for a color-stable dyed film everywhere else? What if we told you that with the ceramic tint, you no longer need to choose between style and heat rejection?

Carbon Window Tint

Lifetime Warranty
Filters 99% of UVA and UVB Rays
Filters 70% Infra-Red Heat
Carbon Window Tint

Ceramic Window Tinting IR

Ceramic Window Tint
Nano Ceramic Technology
Lifetime Guarantee
Glare Control
IR Layer Filters 96% of Infrared Heat
IR Layer Blocks up to 99%+ of UVA and UVB rays
Ceramic Tint Brochure

Fronts Only - Two Front Windows

Carbon Film From $125 Ceramic Tint From $249
Turnaround 1 - 2 Hours
Additional Options
  • Windshield Brow: $100
  • Standard Sunroof: $199
  • Tint Removal From: $200

One of our more popular packages. This package includes both front roll-up windows and also includes any other side-front glass you may have. For example, many vehicles have a small piece of inoperable glass right next to the roll-down windows.

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Full Car -- All Side Windows & Rear Glass

Carbon Film From $250 Ceramic Tint From $350
Turnaround 3 - 4 Hours
Additional Options
  • Windshield Brow: $100
  • Standard Sunroof: $199
  • Tint Removal: From $200

Our full car package includes all side glass and the rear windshield. A front windshield strip or skylight can be added for an additional fee. This package is popular even when the rear windows already have privacy glass as most factory privacy glass does not offer the heat and UV blocking as Kavaca window tint.

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Full Coverage - All glass including Standard Sunroof.

Carbon Film From $629 Ceramic IR Tint From $899
Turnaround 1 Day
Price does not include removal of old film

While we highly discourage full windshield tinting due to state law, we do have a full tint package available to those who need it. This package covers all glass including any sunroofs.

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Sunroof Tint

Sunroof $199 Panoramic From $499

Selecting sunroof tint has some important concerns. Going too dark on a sunroof can damage the glass. Our industry experts will help you select the perfect shade for your sunroof or panoramic sunroom. We only use Ceramic window film on the sunroof. We highly suggest 70% VLT

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Windshield Tint

Price does not include removal of old film.

Utilizing a high visibility film on the windshield is a great way to reduce heat gain and the dangers of driving into the sun. For most Colorado drivers we suggest a strip instead of a full windshield so that you comply with Colorado tinting laws

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Window Tinting: Carbon Vs Ceramic Window Tint - Ceramic Pro Grand Junction / Auto Detailing 360

Window Tint — Lifetime Warranty

We are now offering residential, commercial, and home window tint.

If heat is a concern or you drive a Tesla or similar EV you should really consider Ultimate IR. Ultimate IR allows over 95% of the heat to be blocked with a nearly clear film and 98% IR heat gain with a 35% film.

Auto Detailing 360 features Kavaca Carbon Window Tint and Kavaca IR Ceramic Window Tint by Ceramic Pro. The leader in ceramic coatings and PPF brings you a high-end automotive tint that you can trust. Now locally installed right here in Grand Junction by Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction applicators. All of our tint products increase privacy and decrease harmful cancer-causing rays while reducing infrared (IR) heat gain. Carbon tint is a high-end, yet cost-effective window tinting solution. If you want the absolute best window tint, we suggest Ceramic Pro Ceramic Window Tint as it provides a dual-layer ceramic tint that resists scratches, peeling, bubbling, and color changes. It also blocks more heat and never changes colors or fades.

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We have changed the game on both ends of the spectrum. With the introduction of Ceramic Pro Carbon X and Ceramic Pro Ultimate IR Ceramic Tint, you now have the option of an inexpensive window tint with a lifetime warranty, UV rejection, and true color stability or an ultra high-end ceramic window tint that blocks most infrared heat gain and UV rays regardless of shade. There is no longer a choice for window tint in Grand Junction. There is only Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction! Tesla Packages, including full roof Available.

From door windows to panoramic sunroofs. From Windshield strips to all your vehicle’s glass, Auto Detailing 360, LLC has everything you need to tint and style your vehicle.

A quick search of auto tinting near me and you come up with hundreds of results for commercial window tinting services and auto window tinting. Knowing which company to select can be difficult. As a Ceramic Pro Elite dealer, we offer the best window tinting, including carbon and IR window tinting services, with a lifetime warranty. The bottom line is the next time you search car window tint near me; we are the only result you need!!! We are local, certified, and more than happy to help. Our window film and tinting services are second to none. Even at high VLT, we can block most UVA and UVB rays as well as solar heat gain. We are quickly becoming Grand Junction’s elite choice for car tint! We are the Grand Junction Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer for All of Mesa County out to Moab, UT, and Montrose, CO.

Check out our additional information on the Ceramic Pro Kavaca page. Everything you need to know is in our Window Film Guide. We also offer Grand Junction’s best Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film. Auto Detailing 360 is Grand Junction’s source for Auto Detailing. We Feature Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coatings.

Popular Cars, Trucks and SUVs

At Auto Detailing 360 we work on all cars and trucks all the time. From Porsche to Kia and from Corvette to Toyota. We just love cars. Starting in early 2023 we are creating project profiles of the vehicles we work on.