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Ceramic Pro Sport — Affordable Ceramic Protection

Ceramic Pro Sport is an inexpensive ceramic coating package for those who want to protect their vehicle but are not ready for the inventment.

Ceramic Pro Sport is a true ceramic coating that will provide the protection from UV, sap, water spots and more. It is not a permenent coating like Ceramic Pro ION. It needs to be applied every 6 months. It also does not create a 9H barrier to scratches. Many customers who have their vehicle detailed regulry will select this option. Others will use it on a short term basis after buying a new car — after 6 months they upgrade to ION or Ultimate ION.

Ceramic Pro Sport also includes the same windshield and wheel face ceramic coatings as our other packages.

  • Exterior Detail
  • Quick Polish
  • 1 Layer Ceramic Pro Sport
  • 1 Layer of “Rain” Glass Protection on Windshield and Front Windows
  • 1 Layer “Wheel & Caliper or ION” on Rim Faces

Additional Packages

Ultimate ION

Starting at $1,949

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Starting at $1,499

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Sport Package

Starting at $499

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Starting at $749

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