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Ceramic Coatings Vs Paint Protection Films / Clear Bras

From the finance department at the dealership to the flashy ads on your social media account, there is no shortage of information and misinformation regarding ceramic coatings and paint protection films. The lack of industry standards makes it even harder to decide on the best product for you.

If I was buying a new car today, I would do the hood, front fenders, mirrors, and door cups with paint protection film and a 5-Year ceramic on the rest of the vehicle. The good news is our packages include the paint correction to get your used car ready.

Ceramic coatings will make your paint job pop. Ceramic coatings make it easier to remove bird droppings and bugs and protect your car from UV rays. They provide some increased protection against abrasion but that is not what they are designed to do.

Clear Bras, also known as paint protection film (ppf) provides outstanding resistance to rock chips and scratches. They are self-healing, UV resistant and they have come a long way since the days of that no so clear clear bra. That said they lack the beauty and ‘pop’ of a ceramic coating. Typically the front fenders, hood, mirrors, and select areas on the back of the car or truck are the primary concern.

There are only a few areas on a vehicle that are generally subject to rock chips. Typically there are areas where we load bikes, cargo, rafts, etc. that are also of concern. In a perfect world, we protect the vehicle in the problem areas with a paint protection film, coat the rest of the vehicle with a ceramic and do a spray ceramic over the PPF. Then the front windshield is treated with Sharp Shield, your chrome is protected with our Chrome Sealant and small pieces of film are installed behind all door pulls.

It's all in the DETAILS.

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