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Marine & Boat Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover Gel

Marine & Boat Heavy Duty Water Spot Remover Gel

Marine & Boat Vinyl and Rubber Protectant

  • The ultimate shine-enhancer and protectant for interior and exterior trim on boats and watercraft!
  • Creates a waterproof shine and restores trim to a like-new condition
  • Provides plastic, vinyl, and rubber with proper protection from UV sunlight, salt water, chemicals, and pollution
  • Easily restore large amounts of plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces in minimal time!
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Chemical Guys Marine & Boat Vinyl and Rubber Protectant

Directions For Use:

  1. Clean surface first using an all-purpose cleaner
  2. Shake product and apply 2-5 sprays directly into a foam or microfiber applicator
  3. Spread product over the entire surface, working it deep into the material
  4. Buff off residue with a microfiber towel
  5. Wait 5-10 minutes after each layer, adding additional coats as needed.
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Brand Chemical Guys
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