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EV’s: Auto Detailing 360 Understands Electric Vehicles

Regardless of where you stand on the EV debate and the push by automakers and government officials alike to significantly increase the number of EVs on the road, electric vehicles are coming and coming fast. Recently, we received an email from Gabe Fletcher of Total Detailing discussing the topic. After reviewing his communication, we realized the importance of communicating our dedication to serving the EV community. From Tesla to Genisis. Ford to Chevrolet. Volkswagen, Toyota, Hyuandi, Lucid Motors, Fisker electric and more.

Quick Access to Services

Supporting The EV Driver

The problem with the average detailing company is that they have little information and are unwilling to support the EV community. In many cases, these detailers approach electric vehicles the same way they do diesel trucks, and that doesn’t work—for either customer. At Auto Detailing 360, we are all in on supporting all vehicles, and that includes making a specialized commitment to the EV segment.

Level 2 Charging & Quick Access to Level 3

Imagine picking up your vehicle after having window tint, ceramic coating, or paint protection film installed and not having the battery power you need to get home. If you drove a gas vehicle, the solution would be simple. Electric charging is not always as fast and convenient. We have two options.

First, we are installing a level 2 charger at our location. That charger should be fully operational by 4/21/24. This charger will be available to our customers who need a boost to get home. Please let us know if you want us to top off your EV. We also have the Tesla adapter.

Second, if you need a DC Super Charger, there is an Electrify America charging point near Sam’s Club.

Understanding Window Tint & The Electric Vehicle

When we tint most vehicles, it comes down to appearance, privacy, and, in some cases, heat rejection. When we tint an EV, there is another factor to consider. We live in Grand Junction; our summers get HOT. The simple fact is that the more you run your cooling system, the lower your range.

While all of our window tints offer heat rejection technology that far exceeds dyed, metallic and CS films, we also have specialty lines of a film called Ultimate IR that were designed with the EV in mind. In fact, there is some research to show that an adequately tinted vehicle will increase not only range in the summer but in the winter as well.

Additionally, electric vehicles have more sensitive components. Window tint is installed using water. Water and electronics do not get along. We utilize industry-leading protection technology to minimize the chances of water damage to your electronic components.

Understanding Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) & The EV

While paint across the industry appears to be getting softer and easier to scratch than it was just a couple of years ago, we have noticed that many EV manufacturers are using paint that seems to chip and scratch more easily. Add to that the minimalistic look of many EVs, which leaves huge parts of bumpers and hoods exposed to rock chips, and EV paint protection is just different.

For example, we include a rear splash guard in most Tesla packages. There are areas of concern by the charging port and on the bumper where certain vehicles will experience cable rub. A front Grille that may be optional on the average traditional fuel vehicle can be a huge rock magnet on the average EV.

We are happy to customize our paint protection film and clear bra packages to your EV.

Ceramic Coatings & The EV

Ceramic coatings on an EV are essential for many of the same reasons paint protection film is. EV paint needs protection. Ceramics has the advantage of protecting plastics, glass, and wheel faces as well. Like your EV, our ceramic coating uses the latest technology. Ceramic Pro ION is the perfect complement to the EV exterior. The author of this post also has Ceramic Pro interior coatings to reduce stains from spilled drinks and even blue jeans.

Specialized Pucks

On the off-chance we need to place your EV on a lift, we have specialized pucks needed for electric vehicles. That said, we avoid using jacks on EVs as much as possible.

Popular Cars, Trucks and SUVs

At Auto Detailing 360 we work on all cars and trucks all the time. From Porsche to Kia and from Corvette to Toyota. We just love cars. Starting in early 2023 we are creating project profiles of the vehicles we work on.