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2023 GMC Yukon Ultimate IR Ceramic Window Tint & Clear Bra

GMC Yukon Ceramic Tint & Paint Protection Film Clear Bra

This 2023 GMC Yukon received our best ceramic window tint and a partial front clear bra. This means the vehicle is protected from UV and heat on the inside and rock chips on the outside.

Why Ultimate IR Ceramic Tint

There are three primary reasons people select tint: heat rejection, appearance, and privacy. Ultimate IR is the world’s first luxury ceramic tint. Like Ceramic Pro IR and Ceramic Pro Carbon X it blocks virtually all UVA and UVB rays. It still has a lifetime warranty. What makes it the best? Regardless of shade, we can block over 95% of solar heat gain even in our virtually transparent films for windshields and sunroofs or where visibility is a concern.

Why Paint Protection Film

If you have looked at the price of a GMC Yukon, you know that inexpensive is not a proper adjective. You also know the GMC Yukon has a ton of mass up front. It is a virtual rock chip magnet. A quality clear bra, now known as partial front paint protection film, will prevent rock chips at highway speeds.

Ceramic Pro Kavaca PPF is also ceramic infused so it will not yellow or crack and actually enhances the appearance of the vehicle.

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