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Now Offering Professional Detailing Services

In addition to being a local source for detailing supplies, we are now offering full-service detailing! Book a Car or Truck Detailing Appointment Please note coupons only apply to product and are not applicable to detailing services,

Grand Junction's Largest on Hand Inventory of Auto Detailing Supplies

Co-Located with Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado, Auto Detailing 360, LLC has the Western Slope's largest on-hand selection of auto detailing supplies. With leading professional brands like SONAX and DIY brands that everyone knows like Chemical Guys, we have everything you need to detail your own vehicles or to supply your professional detailing company. While many car dealerships are buying their detailing supplies at retail, they can fill out a simple form that will allow them to purchase everything they need at wholesale prices -- with no minimums and free local shipping and delivery.

From polishing supplies, compounds, ceramic coatings, carnauba wax, and polymer-based finishes to microfiber towels, dual-action polishers, and wheel brushes, Auto Detailing 360 has the inventory to support your car detailing needs.

Learn to Detail Your Own Car!

The fear factor is what holds most of us back from detailing our own cars. It is not as time-consuming or as expensive as you might think and we are happy to show you how. We can explain what products you will need and how to use them. Weather dependent, we can even show you how to do it -- an appointment may be required. From cleaning your leather seats to applying a sprayed ceramic, you are completely capable of your own car care and we are here to show you how!

Save on Detailing Supplies

Support small, local businesses while saving money. The fact is the major retailer next to us sells many of the same products we do. Companies like Chemical Guys and SONAX regulate the prices that their products can be advertised at. What they do not do is regulate the prices we offer to our customers in the store. You will find the product pricing 'off the shelf to be identical to all the major retailers. BUT, we give all of our local Grand Junction and Western Slope customers a nice discount to thank them for coming in. In fact, we have customers making the drive from areas like Montrose, Delta, and Fruita because of our huge inventory, savings, and product knowledge.

WeatherTech Floor Mats are On the Way

You know the WeatherTech name. It has become synonymous with quality floor mats for your truck or car. What many people do not realize is WeatherTech has launched a new line of auto floor mats that are taking over the industry. They took the soft feel of the OEM rubber floor mats and combined it with the full coverage of their floor liners. Then they added a profile that keeps water and dirt from overflowing the mat. We will be stocking these products for full-size trucks and we can order them direct to your door (or ours) for any vehicle that is not in stock!

Check our Garage Flooring

While you are here, check out our huge selection of special order garage flooring or pick up a TruContain containment mat today. Want to coat your garage floor? Lucky for you we are co-located with Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado and can walk you through your flooring options too!





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Our team has had factory training on the products we sell. Real hands on, with buffers, ceramics, foam guns and more.


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If you are a professional detailer ordering over $500 in material we will extend massive discounts and free shipping.