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Book Professional Auto Detailing Services in Grand Junction, CO

The Auto Detailing 360 Difference

There are a lot of great detailing companies in the valley. Some are mobile and some are location-based. In fact, many of the Grand Junction detailing companies buy detailing supplies from our showroom. We believe Auto Detailing 360 offers a variety of advantages that make us the best choice for auto detailing in the Grand Valley. Our team has been factory-trained. These trainings are often multi-day, hands-on, and very intensive. Our team is trained by the people we buy the product from on best applications and the best way to detail your car. While many in the industry have moved to "All-Purpose Cleaners" for much of your vehicle, we use different products, specifically designed for each part of your car or truck! Can you imagine if you came home and your new leather couch was being cleaned with the same chemicals as the garage sink or the toilet? Why should your vehicle be any different? Plastic surfaces are cleaned and protected with products made for plastics. Leather is cleaned and conditioned with leather cleaners and conditioners. Your wheels are treated with an acid-free wheel cleaner that is specifically designed to remove brake dust and contaminants. In short, we use the best products available to protect your car, truck, or SUV.

High End Detailing Equipment

Good people and a good product are not enough. You also need the very best in equipment and tools. This is why we use FLEX polishers, high-end Mytee heated extractors, SONAX clay bars, high-end towels, drying towels, brushes, and more. This is on top of industry-standard items like a high-capacity compressor and a pressure washer with enough power to clean but not so much that it damages your paint. At the end of the day, you will find cheaper detailing companies but you will not find a better value for your money.