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Interior Ceramic Coatings: Go Ahead And Eat in Your Car Again!

Why Interior ceramic coating? We have all been there. Brand new car or truck and it is time for that first road trip. The kids are hungry, but time is short. They promise they won’t make a mess and there goes the Orange Soda.

Interior coatings are great for those who work out of their car, travel a lot or jsut tend to get dirty with work or play. It won’t keep the vehicle from getting dirty but it makes it much easier to clean

Ceramic Pro Interior Coatings are available individually or bundled as an add on with a ceramic coating package.

Ceramic Pro Interior Coatings include specific products for textile, leather, vinyl and plastic. Every part of the vehicle you touch will be fully protected.

Ceramic Coating Packages

Sport Package

Starting at $499

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Starting at $1,499

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Ceramic Pro Interior

Starting at $499

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Starting at $749

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Trucks/Large SUV

Ceramic Pro Elite and Certified! In addition to offering Ultimate ION we also offer the ION package and other Ceramic Pro coating packages as well as tint and paint protection film. We are also proud to use and distribute the Rupes paint correction system.

Discover automotive perfection with Auto Detailing 360, the premier Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer in Mesa County. Serving Grand Junction, Fruita, and Palisade, our exclusivity extends from Rifle, CO to Moab Utah, covering Montrose and Delta. Immerse yourself in our specialized services, including window tinting, residential window tint, paint protection film, Ceramic Coatings, and Detailing.

Popular Cars, Trucks and SUVs

At Auto Detailing 360 we work on all cars and trucks all the time. From Porsche to Kia and from Corvette to Toyota. We just love cars. Starting in early 2023 we are creating project profiles of the vehicles we work on.