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Paint Correction Grand Junction, CO

Paint Correction

Auto detailing 360 is a premier provider of paint correction for Grand Junction, CO. We offer both single-step paint correction and two-step paint correction. Book paint correction now!

Before any paint correction process, we will wash, dry, and clay bar the vehicle to remove any dirt, brake dust, and contaminants. We will also chemically decontaminate the vehicle’s paint to remove other contaminants arising from elemental exposure and transport.

We offer multiple levels of paint correction, and we also include paint correction in most of our ceramic coating packages. All ION packages include a two-step paint correction, while the bronze includes a single-step paint correction. It is highly recommended to use a permanent protective layer over a newly corrected vehicle. If you opt just for paint correction, it does include a 3-6 month sealer.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing imperfections like swirl marks, fine scratches, micro marring, and other defects from a vehicle’s paint. While paint correction is an effective way to remove light scratches, it will not remove all defects. Once a scratch goes through the clear coat and into the car’s paint, those scratches cannot be removed.

The paint correction process involves using cutting compounds and/or polishing compounds. These compounds are placed on a foam, wool, or microfiber buffing pad. We then use a combination of Rupes brand polishers. The process varies slightly between a single-step correction and a two-step (level 2) correction. We do also offer concourse level correction by estimate only. Book paint correction now! It is important to understand that paint correction removes small amounts of clear coat. In reality, you are removing clear coat around a scratch as opposed to removing the scratch itself.

Single-Step Corrections

For a single-step paint correction, we will start with a medium polishing pad and a medium polishing compound designed to cut and polish. We will test this and different polishing pad combinations to determine what combination of products will produce the best results.

Once we are satisfied, we have the best combination of pads and compounds; we will begin polishing the vehicle panel by panel. In most cases, we work in very small areas, about shoulder width wide and the width of two polishing pads high. We will make three passes left to right, overlapping each pass about 50%. We will then make a second set of vertical passes using the same method.

With a level one paint correction, we do not use a heavy cutting compound and separate finishing polish. We do the best possible job with one compound. We will cut as deep as possible while keeping a beautiful high gloss finish. Every vehicle reacts to paint correction differently. The results of a single-step polish are determined by your paint. We will only cut as deep as we can without leaving a haze. It does a great job of minimizing swirls and removing water spots and light scratches. Most vehicle owners love single-step correction. We will apply a sealer to maximize the finish. It is important to maintain it or your clear coat can be damaged again and you will need another paint correction.

Level Two Paint correction (Two Step)

In many cases, a level two or two-step paint correction is required to achieve the desired results. In a single-step correction, the amount of correction is limited because the polish has to be both cut and finish. We want to leave a shine in your paintwork and remove as many swirls as possible, but we can’t cut too deep because we are not coming back. Make sure you know if paint correction comes with a ceramic coating package before you make a commitment,

While a two-step correction is not going to remove rock chips or massive imperfections caused by road debris, a two-step correction leaves most vehicles’ paint looking close to perfect to an untrained eye in normal lighting. It is done in multiple stages to achieve the best possible finish and remove scratches, etching from bird droppings, swirls, micro scratches, and other paint defects. The industry standard for a two-step correction is 80-90% removal of clear coat damage to the most visible areas of paint — generally considered above the knee and below eye level.

For a two-step paint correction, we take a considerably more aggressive approach. We will start with a heavy-cutting compound or abrasive polish. and an aggressive will or microfiber pad. We will continue machine polishing until the majority of defects are removed from the vehicle’s surface. For some types of paint, we will need to do a small amount of wet sanding if the vehicle surface has heavy damage. While wet sanding is not included in the paint correction cost, we will use it in areas to spot-treat heavier defects.

Once the car paint has been heavily cut, we will come back for the final step. The last step in a car paint correction is to come back and polish the paint using the single-step method above. That means we will continue to cut into the surface slightly but focus mostly on polishing out the paint and removing sanding and polishing marks from the first step. You will have a very high level of gloss and shine; most swirls will no longer be visible. There may be a random scratch or two, but generally, the surface should be free of light scratches and swirls after the correction. If you are not purchasing a ceramic coating, we do apply paint sealants as part of this process. it is important properly maintain the vehicle and not use a car wash. Book paint correction now!

Concourse Level Paint Correction & Single Stage Paint Correction

There are two types of paint correction that we only offer by quote. A concourse-level correction and corrections on single-stage paint. Single-stage paint means the clear and the paint are in one. You likely know if you have it. It’s not something that comes in stock on today’s vehicles.

A concourse-level correction is a correction where every inch of the vehicle is corrected to remove as many imperfections as humanly possible. This is rarely done, and most consumers would not recognize the difference. Typically this is reserved for exotics and show cars.

Ceramic Coatings & Paint Protection

Paying for paint correction and not applying a protective coating is not a great idea. Our paint correction includes a basic sealer that will outperform wax, but we highly advise using a ceramic coating. As a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, we can offer a ceramic coating package that includes paint correction. This will help protect the work that has been done and helps keep more swirl marks from appearing.

Other Services Offered

We also offer tinting, detailing, paint protection film, and more. Now featuring Ceramic Pro ION ceramic coating.

Popular Cars, Trucks and SUVs

At Auto Detailing 360 we work on all cars and trucks all the time. From Porsche to Kia and from Corvette to Toyota. We just love cars. Starting in early 2023 we are creating project profiles of the vehicles we work on.