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What Paint Protection do I Need for my Car, Truck or SUV

What level of Paint Protection do I need?

Perhaps the question we are asked most often is what level of protection is necessary to protect a car, truck, or SUV. The answer is very personal. How long are you going to own the vehicle? How expensive was the car, truck, or SUV, how much effort are you willing to put into maintaining it, and what level of cosmetic damage over time is acceptable? Another critical factor is how you use the vehicle and what type of driver you are. In general, remember that paint protection film protects your vehicle from damage that happens in an instant, like a rock chip. Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle from damage that happens over time.

Basic Temporary Protection Such as Wax, Sealers & Spray Ceramics

The technology available to the end user today to add shine and gloss to their vehicle is far superior to the ‘Turtle Wax’ you used to apply on Sunday afternoons with your mom or dad. From spray ceramic coatings to polymer sealers, there are legitimate, if not temporary, products that can be used on your vehicle. Another option would be to utilize a high-end detail like a 360 Full Detail.

  • Outstanding shine
  • Lower cost
  • Effective but varying levels of temporary protection against environmental hazards
  • Time-consuming
  • Easy to ‘put off’
  • Ineffective in terms of abrasion and improved hardness
  • Temporary & High Maintenance
  • Professionally installed ‘detail grade’ protection from Auto Detailing 360 is rated to last 6 months.

Professionally Applied Ceramic Coatings

First, we discuss what a professionally applied ceramic coating is and is not. Generally speaking, if it comes in a spray bottle or is applied by a dealership “while you wait,” we are not talking about a true ceramic coating. While the Ceramic Pro Sport Package is a relatively good exception to the rule, it is still temporary and does not provide the performance of a 9H or better coating.

We consider Ceramic Pro Silver or Gold to be the standard for ceramic coatings. If you are fortunate enough to have a local Elite Dealer, the Ceramic Pro ION and Ultimate ION packages are unsurpassed in the coatings industry. Providing longer and better protection at a similar cost to the silver and gold packages.

The ION and Ultimate ION also cure faster, allowing you to have your vehicle back sooner.

Professional Grade Ceramic Coatings:

  • Add a “9H” or better hardness to your paint. That means your paint is three times harder, stronger, and more scuff and scratch-resistant than your vehicle’s clear coat alone.
  • Provide “permanent” protection against environmental hazards. Permanent is in quotes because it depends on the product and package chosen, along with proper maintenance.
  • Eliminates the need for wax and detail sprays
  • Makes your vehicle easy to wash
  • Amazing gloss level
  • Protection from swirls
  • No Protection or Limited Protection from impact, rock chips, and aggressive scratches

Paint Protection Film (PPF) or Clear Bra

Paint protection film should be an 8-mil plus polyurethane ceramic-infused film that is professionally applied. Historically called clear bra, today’s professionals call it paint protection film or “PPF”

  • Improved scratch, scuff, and rock chip protection
  • Kavaca film provides an insane level of gloss.
  • Typically, it leaves much of the vehicle unprotected. Meaning it only protects the areas where it is applied.

Ceramic Coatings + “Clear Bra” Paint Protection Film

This is by far the most popular option we offer. Many customers will select a 7-Year Ceramic Pro ION package plus a Partial Front clear bra. This provides the rock chip protection where you need it most, with the protection of ceramic coatings everywhere else

Full Paint Protection Film Wrap

Wrapping an entire vehicle in paint protection film is costly and time-consuming. It provides a level of protection typically reserved for the highest-end vehicles. While we have certainly wrapped Porsche 911s, Ford Broncos, and G-Wagons, for most consumers, Ultimate Armor or Ultimate Armor + Track / Performance Package Add-on is the best looking and best value.

Ultimate Armor

Ultimate Armor is the cutting edge of paint protection and is only available at Elite Dealers nationwide. It is a lifetime ceramic coating and paint protection film that protects all of the critical areas. The entire front of the vehicle receives a lifetime 8-mil ceramic-infused and ceramic-coated paint protection film, while the rest of the vehicle receives a lifetime ceramic coating.

We offer one adjustment to this package which is to cover the rocker panels (below the door), partial roof, and A Pillars. We find these areas to be chip-prone and worthy of additional protection.

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