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SONAX Clear Glass Glass Cleaner and Clay Disc Lube

SONAX Clear Glass Glass Cleaner and Clay Disc Lube

OG Clay Bar Yellow (Light/Medium) (100 gr)

OG Clay Bar Yellow (Light/Medium) (100 gr)

SONAX Clay Disc 450605


Sonax clay disc is an alternative claying method to the traditional clay bar. Designed to be done by hand or using a polisher. Claying is an important step before cutting, waxing, polishing, sealing, or using ceramic sealer for the best possible results.

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The Sonax claying disc is an alternative to actual clay. It is newer, safer, and easier technology The SONAX Clay Disc cleans and smoothens out paintwork surfaces. Ideal for removing stubbornly adhesive dirt contamination, such as paint overspray, water stains, tree sap, adhesive residues, and other impurities. Will treat up to 60 vehicles. Easy to clean by rinsing out the absorbed impurities with water. Can be used by hand or remove the velcro handle and attach it to a backing plate of your polisher. 

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