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Tesla Paint Protection – Grand Junction

Tesla Paint Protection Grand Junction

Tesla Paint Protection – Tesla makes an absolutely outstanding vehicle. Few Tesla owners are unhappy with their vehicles. They are fast, stylish, high-tech, and electric. They check all the boxes for many people. Like the author of this page’s Chevrolet, the vehicle’s paint is far from perfect. To be clear, this is not a knock on Tesla. While many manufacturers have struggled to deliver and raised prices, Tesla has maintained vehicle production and managed to lower prices.

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A Tesla vehicle also features more glass than most. This will leave the average Tesla owner in Grand Junction looking for a way to protect the vehicle’s interior and the driver from the Grand Junction heat, UVA and UVB rays, glare, and other issues — while maintaining the stylish appearance of the vehicle itself.

We would also like to say that before you start talking to your local Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, you have an honest conversation with everyone involved about how long you intend to keep the vehicle. If your answer is however long the battery lasts we would suggest a lifetime package.

Most of our customers tend to buy a new vehicle every 3-7 years. For these customers, a lifetime package might be overkill. While other customers will spend a little more for enhanced protection. Don’t let a salesperson make that decision for you. Know how long you want to protect the vehicle and let the Salesperson know that.

This Tesla Model S received an Ultimate ION lifetime ceramic coating as well as paint protection film on the bumper.

Tesla Paint Correction

In most cases, like most if not all new vehicles, Tesla brand vehicles will arrive with paint swirls and other imperfections. Tesla paint is not the hardest and left unprotected it will most certainly need paint correction in the future. Ceramic Pro Grand Junction (Auto Detailing 360) is the Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer for the Western Slope and all of their Ceramic Pro prices include paint correction.

We 100% agree that a new vehicle should not need paint correction. We have made a decision that instead of having paint protection be a sticking point, we will just include it so the customer gets the best possible finish.

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Paint Protection Films From Ceramic Pro®

Paint protection film is a great option. While some Tesla owners will elect to cover their entire vehicle, we do not believe that is typically necessary or cost-effective, some owners might want to matte out the entire vehicle’s paint — and we have that option.

Ceramic Pro® KAVACA paint protection film is our go-to choice for several reasons. It is an 8 Mil film that offers increased protection versus thinner dealership brands. It is also ceramic infused which means it improves the appearance of your vehicle instead of detracting from it. The ceramic infusion also means that when it is done in combination with the Ceramic Pro ION series of coatings, the overall appearance will be consistent.

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What areas on my Tesla should I be protecting with paint protection film?

We will cover the best paint protection packages for Tesla but generally speaking, most Tesla owners consider a partial front clear bra, full front paint protection film, or what is referred to as a track package. In most cases, any of these choices are combined with a ceramic coating.

We encourage Tesla owners with white vehicles to choose a full front (whole hood and fender).

A partial front will typically cover the front 20-24″ of the hood as well as a matching line on the fender, the entire bumper, door cups, and the rear side of the mirrors.

a full front will cover the full hood and entire fender as well as the other areas listed above

A track package is the full front plus rocker panels and a partial roof.

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Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating 3x Harder than Paint

Every Ceramic Pro dealer in the country can offer you a ceramic coating that is 3x harder than paint. The original Ceramic Pro Silver and Gold packages were the original number one and have been the benchmark in ceramic coatings for over a decade. Ceramic Pro has released a new, harder, more abrasion ceramic coating to only their Elite Dealer network. While Elite Dealers can still provide the Silver and Gold packages as well, they typically provide the Upgraded ION or Ultimate ION package at a similar price point.

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What is the Best Paint Protection for a Tesla?

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers offer a complete package called Ultimate Armor. This package includes the lifetime ceramic coating over the entire exterior (glass, paint, trim, and wheel faces) it also includes a Full Front Paint Protection Film Package.

Some of our customers will elect to add the track package for an additional fee.

Tesla Window Tinting — Ceramic IR or Ultimate IR

Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers also offer KAVACA window films. They have several layers of protection that are not available anywhere else. Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction and Auto Detailing 360 have Graphtec 9000 64″ digital plotter and specialized software that allows us to digitally plot the extra large glass pieces on a Tesla roof.

The first question you need to ask is why do you want window tint? Heat rejection, appearance, interior protection, UVA, and UVB? What is important to you and what isn’t

Thankfully Ceramic Pro makes this a little easier. They do not sell dyed or metallic window films. None of their window films will interfere with cell phone signals or GPS and all of their window films will block over 99% of UVA and UVB UV rays. Ultimately for Tesla owners, it comes down to heat rejection. A carbon film will reject about 70% whereas a ceramic window tint will reject 90-95% or more.

If you decide to do the windshield, we do not charge extra for IR. It’s automatic. If you are going to do the roof, we again suggest ceramic window tinting with a minimum LVT of 70% to lower the risk of your glass cracking.

For the side windows, it is truly just a matter of preference and budget

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One-Stop Tesla Protection

The Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer in Grand Junction, CO, and Elite Dealers nationwide have best-in-class protection for every area of your vehicle. From ceramic coating to paint protection film and window tinting, your entire vehicle can be protected for life. View Tesla Packages

Interior Ceramic Coating

In addition to being able to protect the exterior of your vehicle, Auto Detailing 360 can protect the interior of your Tesla with a Ceramic Pro interior protection package. This includes quality ceramic coatings for all leather, fabric, carpet, plastic, vinyl, and wood in your car.

The New Ultimate Tesla Protection Package

Auto Detailing 360 and Ceramic Pro Grand Junction CO are excited to announce the launch of our new Tesla package. The Ultimate Tesla Protection package includes the following.

  • Ultimate Armor Lifetime Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film

  • Track Package Upgrade

  • Interior Ceramic Coating

  • Ultimate IR Ceramic Window Film on Roof, rear windshield, and all side windows (all glass except front windshield).

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Tesla Protection FAQ

  • How much is paint protection for Tesla?A 7-year ceramic coating will run $1,499, while a lifetime coating will run $1,949. The Ultimate Armor Package, which includes ceramic coatings and Paint Protection Film,

    runs $3,699. There are lots of options in between, as well as the Ultimate Tesla Package.

  • Should I get PPF on Tesla?


  • Should I ceramic coat my Tesla?

  • Is PPF or ceramic coating better?

    We believe a combination of ceramic coatings, paint protection film and of course window tint is required for most Tesla owners. We are happy to customize a package to your needs.

  • Will Ceramic Pro Brand Coatings Protect Against Minor Scratches?

    Yes, while it will not protect you from rock chips or do as good of a job protecting your cars finish, Ceramic Pro does a good job resisting minor scratches.

  • Is Ceramic Pro Only Available in a Gloss?

    Ceramic coatings are high-gloss by nature. While there are some matte coatings on the market we believe a matte film is your best option for our car.

  • What is the quality difference between Ceramic Pro and other Ceramic Coatings?

    Ceramic Pro has a true nationwide warranty valid at thousands of dealers across North America. They include your windshield and wheels and can customize a package to your specific needs. Ceramic Pro offers the only true lifetime protection packages for your car.

  • What About Road Debris?

    We will never oversell what we offer. If you hit something big enough, hard enough, and fast enough, neither paint protection film or a ceramic coating will protect it. Ceramic coatings are also not adequate for rock chips. At a minimum, you need a quality clear bra for that. The clear bra will absorb the harshest impact.

  • Do you detail TeslaWe offer full detailing services? We detail everything from a KIA to Tesla. We offer professional detailing services

  • Do I need to submit a quote request?

    No. Our pricing is online, available in person, or on the phone. You can also submit a quote request. Regardless of how you contact us, we are committed to amazing service and performing an excellent job.

  • Will detailing be made easier?

    While we continue to recommend professional detailing services, washing a car that has been properly protected is substantially easier than washing a car that has not been protected. In fact, we have a full line of detailing supplies and are happy to teach you how to properly wash and protect your car or truck (If Tesla releases a Truck 🙂 ) Detailing a vehicle properly will not leave scratches or swirls. A car wash will. Your vehicle will shine with little effort.

  • Does your Bumper package include the grill?In most cases, the grill is not included in PPF. It will receive a coating.

  • Is there a brand that is equivalent to Ceramic Pro?

    We were not always a Ceramic Pro dealer. We have simply found that they make a quality product and have amazing service. The only two other brands we would consider are IGL and Gyeon.

  • Why do you use PPF on fenders instead of just ceramic? The performance of PPF on fenders creates a better barrier to rock chips for a portion of the vehicle that is more exposed. It also makes a clean line.

  • Will the Sun Ruin My Car or TrucksAll protected vehicles will maintain a beautiful shine. We just ask that you allow us to maintain it once a year and that you are taking care of the vehicle for the rest of the year.

  • Is the window tint for my trucks and cars the same as what is used on my house?Definitely not. Our films are made specifically for automotive applications.

  • There are a lot of ceramic coatings on the market. The term ceramic is a major buzzword these days. It is highly suggested that you review our buyer’s guide before deciding. We also have a great FAQ page.

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