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Do I need to Wrap my Whole Car in Paint Protection Film?

PPF Wrap

Summary: You absolutely do not need to wrap your entire vehicle. If you are looking for a full vehicle protection product, we highly suggest the Ultimate Armor Package. It is a combination of lifetime ceramic coatings and lifetime paint protection film.

What is Paint Protection film (PPF)?

Paint protection film or Clear Bra is a urethane-based film that comes to the professional detailer in large rolls. It comes in varying thicknesses and quality. We only use KAVACA film because it is ceramic infused, 8 Mils thick, and has a renewable 12 Year Warranty.

The main purpose of a paint protection film is it will protect from rock chips and most scratches. Our film also has the advantage of feeling smooth and looking like your paint has a ceramic coating on it.

PPF Vs Vinyl Wraps

PPF is a thick film that is designed to last and protect. Vinyl films are thin, difficult to remove, and definitely not permanent. Vinyl films are great for advertising or changing the appearance of your vehicle. They do little to protect it.

How Much of the Car Should Be Covered?

In our mind, the minimum coverage is what they call a partial front. For us that is the bumper, headlights, foglights, 20-24″ up the hood, and a matching line on the fender. It also includes the mirror backs and door cups. This package is sometimes combined with a ceramic coating. While our film will not yellow like some brands, a partial front does not look good on white cars. The line between the white car paint and the film gets dirty over time and shows.

Many of our customers will opt for a full front package. The difference here is we cover the entire hood and entire fenders. There are no unsightly lines. Many of our customers will combine this with our lifetime ceramic coating in the form of the Ultimate Armor Package. This will provide you with a lifetime appearance warranty on all exterior surfaces.

There is a ‘twist’ to the Full Front or Ultimate Armor package that is becoming more popular. We can add protection for the rocker panels, A-Pillar, and partial roof. This is called a track package or performance package.

When you select the Ultimate Armor Package we also ceramic coat the paint protection film.

When Should I Consider a Full Wrap In Paint Protection Film?

Generally speaking, we feel the Ultimate Armor is more than adequate. That says we have many customers with a Tesla, Corvette, and other vehicles that want to protect the paint and preserve the value and appearance of the vehicle. Although it is expensive, many of these customers will still opt for PPF Wrapping.

Another reason to opt for a full wrap PPF is if you want to change the appearance of the vehicle. While PPF does not allow you to change the color, you can make a car’s paint a matte finish. One of the owners here is waiting on a 2023 Camaro and is considering a matte film on it.

What does Paint Protection Film Cost?

Unlike many in the industry, we are happy to give you a definitive answer to that! You can find exact pricing on Clear bras and paint protection film here. No surprises or upcharges. No need to come for an estimate. All our pricing is front and center.

What are the Advantages of Paint Protection Films?

To be clear, a paint protection film will not make your car bulletproof. IOt does however provide superior protection against swirls, chips, and scratches. Minor scratches don’t show through and many films have self-healing properties. They do an amazing job of protecting the clear coat, blocking UV rays, and protecting the vehicle surfaces overall.

Popular Cars, Trucks and SUVs

At Auto Detailing 360 we work on all cars and trucks all the time. From Porsche to Kia and from Corvette to Toyota. We just love cars. Starting in early 2023 we are creating project profiles of the vehicles we work on.