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Paint Protection Film Full Wrap

Unlike a vinyl wrap, a paint protection film full wrap does not necessarily restyle your vehicle. Paint ptortection film full wraps are designed to protect the vehicle’s paint completely. Ceramic Pro PPF wraps are typically ceramic-infused and will enhance the existing gloss. The clear PPF will not change the color.

One option is a matte paint protection film. This can be used over gloss paint to change the appearance. It can also be used over Matte paint to preserve it better. This is important with matte paint because removing swirls or other defects is almost impossible.

The downside to a full wrap is it gets costly and is likely overkill in many areas. For everyday use, Ultimate Armor is about half the price and offers lifetime protection over the entire vehicle. Still, some cars, or the way some vehicles will be used, may necessitate a higher level of protection.

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