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Sprinter Van – Detailing, Paint Correction, Coating

Sprinter van detailing paint correction ceramic coating

Sprinter Van – Detailing, Paint Correction, Coating

No vehicle is too big or too small for Auto Detailing 360 and Ceramic Pro Grand Junction. This Sprinter van had just been acquired by our customer. The paint was heavily swirled, the decals needed to be removed, and the interior needed to be corrected.

Servies Provided

After quoting our customer on several options, we performed the following services:

  • Detailing the exterior and cab of the interior with a light cleaning on the rest of the ‘house’ portion of the Sprinter San
  • 2-Step Paint Correction – The customer had been quoted on a 2-Step correction, but the extent of the swirls and scratches required a little extra, which the customer was not charged for. We did a considerable amount of damp sanding.
  • After the vehicle was finished, the exterior was protected using our Sport Ceramic Coating.
  • We also cleaned, polished, and protected the vinyl.

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