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Why Customers are Selecting Elite Dealers

Elite Dealer

What is an Elite Dealer

An Elite Dealer is an independent, local Ceramic Pro shop that has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and demonstrated, over time, a commitment to the quality installation of Ceramic Pro products.

Elite dealers are allowed to use the Ceramic Pro name in their business name. They have exclusive access to the highest-end products in the industry. To locate and verify that a dealer is Elite visit the Elite Dealer Program on Ceramic Pro.

What is the Difference Between an Elite Dealer Different and a Certified Installer?

All Elite dealers are certified installers. Not all certified installers are elite dealers. For a little perspective at the time of publication, there are thousands of certified installers but only 201 Elite Dealers nationwide.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a certified installer. They have the second-best lineup of products in the industry. Elite dealers have those products, plus the most advanced lineup of ceramic coatings and window tinting available.

For example, while Elite dealers have access to Ceramic Pro Gold and SIlver ceramic coatings, however, they exclusively offer the next generation of coatings based on ION exchange technology.

What Makes Elite Dealer Products & Services Better?

If you are in the market for the newest vehicle on the market, fully loaded and it has to be the best, do you go to your local used car dealer or do you go to the dealership?

Why? Because only the dealership has the newest and the best.

It is no secret that Ceramic Pro® is the industry leader in ceramic coatings. It is not a boast or a marketing claim. They invented 9H.

Just as some in the market were starting to catch up to 9H Ceramic Pro completely reinvented the industry.

They created a line of ceramic coatings that were harder, more chemical resistant, and even more permanent. While Ceramic Pro 9H permanently bonds to the surface, Ceramic Pro ION becomes the surface via an ION exchange with the existing coating.

Ceramic Pro has made a calculated decision, they will only trust the best in the industry with their new products. Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers are those people.

What Types of Installers Exist, and what is the Best?

Mobile DealerIn most cases, mobile dealers do not have direct access to a brand and they are rarely certified in the installation process.

They are purchasing consumer-grade products and installing them for you.

Mobile dealers may or may not be licensed and insured. They likely do not have the quality of tools and chemicals a fixed location has.

In recent years it has been noted that it is difficult if not impossible for the mobile dealer to properly comply with environmental regulations.

A mobile dealer’s warranty is typically only as good as his or her word.
Fixed Location DealersFixed location dealers may or may not have direct access to professional quality brands.

Many use quality professional-grade products.

While it is not guaranteed, fixed-location dealers are often insured and likely to have appropriate business credentials.

Warranty is still a question because they may not have proper certifications.
Certified DealerTypically fixed location

Should have proper business credentials and insurance.

May have been trained online or in person or attended to their skills.

Has legitimate access to quality products.

Should be able to offer a warranty. Often that warranty is only actually as good as the dealer behind it
Elite DealerExclusive access to the highest level of products.

Truly nationwide warranty.

Certified hands-on by factory trainers and has demonstrated significant competence after trailing before being allowed into the Elite program.

Has provided proof of insurance and business credentials

Vetted. Hand-picked. Reputable and Responsible. These are the people you want protecting your vehicle — if they have availability.

High-End showroom and shop

Luxurious service

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