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Xpel Drivers Package Vs. Ceramic Pro Performance / Track Package Paint Protection Film

Here in Grand Junction, we have a fantastic competitor that offers an Xpel ® film in what they call a Driver’s Package. It is an upgrade from a full front package but should not be confused with our Performance package, also known as a track package.

Similarities Between the Drivers Package & Performance / Track Package

Based on public information on Facebook and elsewhere, we believe these to be the areas that are common to both packages. As always, check with the company you are purchasing from to confirm.

  • Full Hood
  • Full Fenders
  • Rocker Panels — the small area under the doors that tends to get chipped from rocks
  • Door cups*
  • Mirror Backs
  • Headlights
  • Fog Lights

* Door cups are not specified in our competitor’s package, but we are fairly confident they are included.

Differences Between the Drivers Package & Performance / Track Package

In addition to the common items between the two packages, our Performance / Track Package also includes:

  • A Pillars – The area next to the windshield
  • Partial Rear Quarter Panel – Typically in front of the rear tire where chips become an issue
  • Partial Roof – The part of the roof that sits just over the windshield and tends to get hit by rocks.

Differences Between Ceramic Pro Kavaca® and Xpel Film®

Both companies make outstanding films and both companies have an exceptional network of installers. There are some key differences.

Xpel® offers multiple grades of film. Ceramic Pro only offers an 8-mil ceramic-infused paint protection film.

Many customers will remark that Ceramic Pro Kavaca film has that butter-wet wax feel as opposed to the orange peel. Bumpy feeling that our competitor’s high-end film has.

Ceramic Pro Film is already infused with Ceramic.

Rumors are swirling of a 2024 Q1 release of an upgraded film that will be available to Elite Dealers only. At the time of publication, no confirmation or further information was available.

Xpel® is a Registered Trademark of Xpel Inc. We are not affiliated with Xpel®, and this information is presented for comparison purposes only.

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