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Mobile Detailing in Grand Junction

mobile detailing grand junction

Mobile detailing in Grand Junction, CO is risky. Frankly, we do all our auto detailing in the shop, and we simply can’t comprehend how detailers perform high-quality work on the road. From an environmental perspective to a quality of work perspective, if you want the best possible detail, having the work done in a quality shop should be your only choice.

Environmental Concerns With Mobile Detailing

The picture in this post has been licensed via Adobe. Why? We would never detail a vehicle this way. Here on the Western Slope, we understand that water is our way of life and our recreation. It is bad enough that the big cities take our water; we do not need mobile detailing polluting our rivers.

If someone comes to your home and floods your driveway or street with water, where does that water go? What about the dirt, oils, contaminants, and cleaning chemicals? In most cases, mobile detailers let that water run into storm drains — that is, whatever does not soak into your driveway!

In many cases, this could be a violation of existing laws. Who is responsible? Good question.

In our shop, we utilize a multi-stage in-floor drainage system.

Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures are another way mobile detailing falls short. In Mesa County, we see all sorts of weather. From high heat in the Grand Junction summer to freezing temperatures . High heat can cause water and cleaning chemicals to etch into your paint while freezing chemicals and moisture can create major issues with your interior.

Our shop is heated and cooled with more sensitive functions performed in areas with central air.


We utilize a combination of permanent LED and fluorescent lighting along with portable lighting designed for paint correction and interior details. Being able to control lighting is essential to the proper detail.

Tools & Equipment

Pressure washers, polishers, steamers, extractors and a plethora of other tools take power and a controlled environment to operate. Sure some mobile detailing companies can run a generator or use your power, but there is simply no way they can have the selection of tools and equipment we use every day.

Take polishers, for example. That is the random orbiting tool used to remove scratches and enhance your paint. Just on one vehicle, we might use a 1.25″, 3″, and 5″. On another vehicle, we might use a 6″ instead of a 5″. We also stock thousands of dollars in pads and polishes.


What if something goes wrong? We are very well insured. While we have never had a claim, it brings peace of mind to our customers to know that if something goes really wrong, it is more than just our detailing company standing behind it.

Material Quality

Let me be blunt, mobile detailers can’t get access to the same products that high-end detail shops do. In fact, many suppliers won’t allow their products to be sold mobile at all.

Chemical Assortment

Did you know you can ruin a King Ranch interior using the same cleaners and interiors you would use on an F150 or 2500HD? We have a huge selection of specialized chemicals for interior and exterior details. Those chemicals need to be stored at room temperature and not stored in freezing cold or extremely hot conditions.

Bottom Line Mobile Detailing Vs Shop

At the end of the day, a quality detailing shop is going to be able to offer a higher-end service than a mobile detailer. While there are actually a handful of very good mobile detailing companies in Grand Junction, most of them will tell you they much prefer to work in a shop environment

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