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Foam Cannon for Detailing

foam cannon

The foam cannon is hands down one of our favorite inventions in the auto detailing world. We use it every day. The foam cannon has applications in both professionals detailing and for the avid DIYer. We stock the big mouth foam cannon and the SONAX FC01 for pressure washers. We also have the foam blaster for a garden hose.

A foam cannon is designed to attach to a garden hose or pressure washer. It has a detachable bottle that you fill with a foaming shampoo such as SONAX Actifoam Energy or Chemical Guys Honeydew snow foam car wash soap. Once the foaming shampoo is loaded and the water is on, you simply thick foam your entire vehicle. But why?

A foam cannon is an extra layer of protection, like the two-bucket method. The car wash soap comes out of the foam gun and creates thick, foaming suds. You take your soaked wash mitt,

and it will glide on the surface of the vehicle. Many of our customers will use it as part of their weekly maintenance car wash for scratch-free cleaning.

There are basically two types of foam cannons and two grades. You can get a professional-grade foam canon for about $10 more than the Chemical Guy’s version. Both are designed for a pressure washer. They also make a DIY grade version that attaches to the garden hose. The hose version tends to produce less foam and less dirt-fighting bubbles.

Questions we are often asked about Foam Cannons.

How do you use a foam cannon?

Use is simple. It varies a little from product to product. Basically, you attach it to the hose or pressure washer and adjust the mixture using one knob and the width of the foam using another. That is it,

Do you use a mitt with foam cannon?

We highly recommend that you use a mitt or wash sponge.

What is the mixing ratio of a foam cannon?

The mixing ratio is based on the soap, not the equipment. It is also highly subjective. In our shop, we use 26 ounces of water, 4 ounces of American Global ceramic aftercare soap, and two ounces of American Global APC.

What pressure is best for foam cannon?

We have used ours from 2000 to 3200 psi and do not notice any major difference

What is hydro foaming?

For the purposes of this article, it is adding pressurized water to a soap solution to create a thick foam.

Are foam cannons worth it?

In a word. YES

What is better, foam gun or foam cannon?

We prefer foam cannons, but most people use the words interchangeably

Can a foam cannon work on a regular hose?

You will need to make sure you buy a version designed for use with a garden hose.

Can I use any soap in a foam cannon?

Technically, you probably could. Not all soaps will foam the same. Also you need to be concerned about ingredients when foaming.

Can you use a foam cannon with a 4000 psi pressure washer?

In some cases, you can. All foam cannons have a rating. Make sure you use the appropriate rated equipment.

How can I make my foam gun more foamy?

Adjusting the amount of soap, type of shampoo, pressure and air to soap mixture will all adjust the foam levels. Play with it.

What is the best foamer?

We like the SONAX version.

Does Chemical Guys soap remove wax?

Chemical Guy’s clean slate will help remove prior wax, but we always polish before changing the finish.

Which is better Mr. Pink or honeydew?

We do not use either, but our customers like them both.

Is it a good idea to Polish after washing

For best results, a vehicle should be clayed but should be polished less frequently. We suggest using the Rupes Bigfoot System and Uno Pure.

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