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Stop Searching for Brushless Car Washes Near Me

car wash swirl marks

If you want to destroy your paint by creating swirl marks and micro scratches, keep taking your vehicle through the car wash. Proper car washing should be done at a professional detailer or at home using a DIY Car wash kit. This article is going to explore why taking your vehicle through an automatic car wash is a really bad idea.

Why The Automatic Car Wash is So Bad

Until a few years ago, I was your typical car owner and did not realize the importance of a hand car wash versus automatic car washes. This is even true if you have a ceramic coating protecting your car’s clear coat.

Let’s start with the equipment. Not all car wash equipment is created equal. Some car washes are in it for the long run and do a better job. Other car washes make aggressive contact with your vehicle’s exterior. This type of direct contact will almost always cause swirl marks, scratch the paint and cause surface defects. While it might remove bird droppings and grime, it is simply not gentle enough for your vehicle.

Now let’s look at debris. Let’s say you are born and raised on the Western Slope, and be it hunting, fishing, mountain bike riding, skiing, or other adventures, you get your truck dirty. All of that debris gets stuck in the brushes and can cause paint damage.

High pressured water and strong chemicals are also a recipe for disaster. While it is certainly less time consuming than hand washing your vehicle and less expensive, in the short run, than going to a professional detailer, the soap residue and water spots will begin to accumulate. In a worst-case scenario, they may even use harsh chemicals that damage your paint. If you don’t believe us, come pull into our detail bay. We will turn on our lighting, which will reveal the swirl marks the car wash has created — and the dirt and grime it left behind on the car’s surface.

Are Touchless Car Washes safe?

While touchless car washes are a safer option there are still some things to consider when using a touchless car wash. To be clear, we do not mean a brushless car wash or an automated car wash of any sort. The only type of touchless car wash you should consider is one where you personally wash your car.

Keep some clean microfiber towels in a bag so when you decide you want your car washed, you have them available. You should also consider having a Spray & Seal detailer with you. Never use car wash brushes. Just use the following steps:

  1. Use the low-pressure rinse to rinse off the vehicle.
  2. Turn the knop to soap and use the pressure washer want to put soap on your vehicle. Now use your own wash mitt. In a perfect world, you would also have a bucket with a grit guard. Use your mitt and wipe down a single panel going only front to back. No circles. Rinse the mitt off, ring it out and do the next panel. Continue washing the whole vehicle as such. Or, for a quick wash, just the mitt and go to the next step.
  3. Now turn the pressure washer knob to a high-pressure rinse. Stand as far back from your vehicle as possible and rinse it carefully. Stay away from corners of clear bra and PPF.
  4. At this point, we would suggest misting with a spray and seal and rinsing again.
  5. Now use your own microfiber drying towel to dry your vehicle.

What If I Have been Using Automated Car Washes

If you have been using an automatic car wash, we would suggest bringing your vehicle to use. We can detail it professionally, get all the dirt, make sure your vehicle is polished, and even add a protective coating. We are also happy to show you the proper two-bucket car washing process to make sure you have a clean car in the future. Mention this article, and we will throw in a free soft cloth for next time.

The Professional Detailing Difference

Check out our detailing reviews on Google. Dozens of people are raving about how we got their car clean. Car owners who care about their vehicle are our best customers. We will take the time to show you how to have your car washed properly at home. In addition to detailing, we offer ceramic coatings, paint correction, paint protection film, and window tinting. Make sure you check out Ceramic Pro ION!

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