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Wax vs Spray Sealants — Protective layer

Wax vs Spray Sealants

As companies like Ceramic Pro continue to the mantra of “wax is dead,” we decided to have a look at the best at home detailing product to finish your vehicle after a nice wash. The first thing to remember is there is no single wax and sealants or DIY spray coatings that will ever compare with true ceramic coating.

Carnauba wax has been one of the favorite car waxes for years. From Chemical Guys to SONAX there is no shortage o ceramic wax, liquid waxes, paste waxes and even completely synthetic carnauba wax and sealant look likes.

When it comes to exterior detailing products everyone has an opinion. Waxes and Sealants are highly sought after to protect the vehicle from sap, bird droppings, light swirls, and scratches. They all provide some level of protection and waxes can leave you with a wet butter feel and mirror-like finish. They all repel water, cause water beading AND and look great on cars. But great looks and repelling water are not enough.

While a ceramic coating provides the longest-term paint protection there is still a vast difference between paint sealants and car wax. Carnauba wax tarts to break down in a couple of weeks. Even a cheap spray on car paint sealant will out last that by months. Natural waxes simply do not hold up

A good car wax and a good paint sealant can both protect your car from UV rays. Both can protect the paint coat. While spray waxes have made the process of waxing your car easier, products like Spray & Seal can be applied in moments using the rinse portion o your car wash.

Best DIY Car Paint Sealant

A new category of ceramic-infused sealants have come out swinging. While they have had a series of missteps as they pretend to compete with ceramic coatings, the spray sealants are easy to use and provide months and months of protection for your car’s paint. The SOAX spray coating is our favorite. They also have a great quick detailer. Chemical Guys Hydro-Line is also an outstanding choice for at home protection.

When is Carnauba Wax Better Than Paint Sealants

Rarely if ever. That said, for some classic cars and certain car shows it is hard to beat the short-term look and feel of an old-fashioned wax.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sealant spray?

We prefer the SONAX spray ceramic coating

What is a spray sealant?

We prefer the SONAX spray ceramic coating

Is spray sealant any good?

While it is nowhere near a ceramic coating, spray sealant is an outstanding alternative to automotive waxes.

Is there a spray on waterproof sealant?

Most spray on sealant will cause water to beat for a period of time

What does sealer wax do for your car?

Reduces water spots, protects from UV rays and makes your vehicle easier to wash.

What is a sealer wax?

Yes, several waxes and ceramic waxes on the market are synthetic sealers.

Is car wax the same as sealant?

Definitely not. Car wax is old-school technology

How long does a wax seal last on a car?

At worst a couple of weeks. A couple of reports that they last up to six weeks.

Should I use wax or sealant on my car?

Unless you have a ceramic coating it is an absolute must.

What lasts longer sealant or wax?


What goes first, wax or sealant?

While there are examples of products that can be layered, you will need to check product-specific instructions.

Can you use sealant instead of wax?


What did you use on your own vehicle?

Personally, I believe a combination of paint protection film and ceramic coatings is the way to go. I have used KAVACA paint protection film, Ultimate ION ceramic coating, and ceramic tint. Ultimate ION is also available as the less expensive ION package.

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