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Ceramic Pro® ION – What is it, and how does it compare to Gold?

Ceramic Pro Ion Elite Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Pro Ion and Ultimate Ion packages are being launched now to complement the Ceramic Pro Gold and Silver Packages. So how do they compare, and which product should you look for?

Always at the forefront of innovation, Ceramic Pro, using Ion Exchange Technology, has created the most superior automotive protective coating, hands down.

Ceramic Pro® has been the undisputed leader in ceramic coatings for some time. While the industry as a whole focused on how to make ceramic coatings cheaper and easier to apply, Ceramic Pro® focused on how to create the best ceramic coating product money could buy. They have done it again! While Ceramic Pro Silver and Ceramic Pro gold are available at all Ceramic Pro dealers, Ceramic Pro ION® and Ceramic Pro Ultimate Ion® is so superior and so specialized it can only be installed by an elite subset of Ceramic Pro® dealers known as Elite Dealers. At the time of publication, we are one of less than 80 such dealers.

Ion Exchange Technology is a manufacturing and chemical strengthening process that forces larger Ions into the microscopic imperfections in porous materials to create a stronger, high-density, and longer-lasting bond as the coating hardens.

Ceramic Pro Ion Vs. Ceramic Pro Silver

Generally speaking, every coat of ION is twice as strong as a coat of the original Ceramic Pro®. It also adds a depth of gloss and hardness that is unparalleled in the industry. At the end of the day, Ceramic Pro® ION gives you a longer warranty at the same price as the original Ceramic Pro Silver product. Both are still available, but it is inconceivable that you would choose silver over ION.

Ceramic Pro® Ultimate ION vs. Ceramic Pro® Gold

Ceramic Pro Ultimate ION vs. Ceramic Pro Gold is kind of like looking at your favorite vehicle. As soon as you buy it, the next year’s model comes out with better performance, more horsepower, and amazing looks.

Instead of being the net year model, Ceramic Pro Ultimate Ion is the next ‘decade model’ that all other ceramic coatings manufacturers and applicators will be chasing. It still has a lifetime warranty. So what is new?

  • Ultimate ION can only be installed by the best of the best — Ceramic Pro® elite dealers.
  • Ceramic Pro ION technology is the most advanced technology on the market. While Ceramic Pro® has always focused on permanent coatings, ION has a literal ion exchange during the curing process.
  • Ultimate ION almost looks like someone wrapped your vehicle in a layer of tempered glass. It has a shine and depth that is unparalleled in the industry.
  • Ultimate ION achieves the same results in fewer coats. Simply put, you get your vehicle back in a day or two instead of three or four.
  • ION is more expensive on a material-only basis, but it is installed a little faster. In most cases, you can have the ION product for the same or, in some cases, lower costs because labor is less expensive.
  • Each coat of ION is twice as strong as traditional professional ceramic coatings
  • Better Abrasion resistance
  • Improved Chemical Resistance

Do I need paint protection film too?

Ceramic coatings have come a long way and do an outstanding job protecting your vehicle. While we do not believe it is necessary to do a full wrap, we do believe you should consider at least a partial front clear bra. The two combined will protect your vehicle significantly better than either one alone.

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Ceramic Pro Ion Is Elite Only

While all dealers can still provide the Gold and Silver packages, the ION packages are available only at Elite Dealers nationwide. Regardless of what product you select, utilizing a Ceramic Pro Elite dealer ensures you are getting the best of the best in terms of labor, training, material, and warranty.

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