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Truck Day: Coating & Tinting Multiple Trucks

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Two great trucks. Two lifetime coatings. Interior coatings and window tint on the gray truck. It’s a good thing we have multiple buildings. Both trucks received Ceramic Pro Ultimate ION lifetime coatings. They also both received our interior ceramic coatings.

Finally, on the Gray GMC truck, we added window tint.

What is Included in Our Lifetime Ceramic Pro Ultimate ION Lifetime Ceramic Coatings for Trucks?

  • Full exterior detail
  • Exterior chemical and manual decontamination
  • 2-Step Paint Correction
  • 2 Coats Ceramic Pro ION Base Coat
  • 1 Coat Ceramic Pro ION Top Coat
  • Ceramic on all glass
  • Ceramic on all wheel faces
  • We also offer PPF Clear Bras

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