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Cheap Window Tint – The Most Expensive Purchase You Can Make

Don't fall for cheap window tint

When it comes to cheap window tint, reputable window tint companies are quickly and abruptly exiting that market. In fact, in most cases when you see a “CS” or Dyed window film on the market, it is to get you in the door at a cheap price and “upgrade you’ on arrival.

How Can Cheap Window Tint Be More Expensive?

A local competitor advertises cheap window tint for between $250 – $450 installed. As of the date of publication, we would be at $299 for a true lifetime Carbon tint. If you are driving a 2-Door vehicle the initial purchase might be cheaper from them.

The problem is that it is well known that cheap window tints, commonly called CS or dyed window tints, will fail. It will turn purple if not blister and fade. It does little to protect you from UV and even less to protect you from heat.

When it does fail, you are going to pay $100-$200 to remove it and you are going to pay for a new tint again. All for a $49 savings, if you happen to drive a door car – our Carbon tint is less expensive to begin with on a 4-door car.

What About Ceramic Pro CS Film

When Ceramic Pro first launched a carbon film they attached the abbreviation CS to it. That was a mistake. Ceramic Pro film is now branded as Carbon X. Carbon X film will not fade, discolor, or blister. It is guaranteed for life nationwide.

It is important to note that there is still a product being marketed as Carbon CS and there is still inventory. Both Carbon X and Carbon CS brands are true carbon tint. NOT Dyed.

Additional Considerations When Buying Window Tint

In addition to film considerations, you want to make sure window tint is installed by a highly trained professional applicator. It is also best to use digitally plotted film in most cases. In some cases like Tesla roof glass, you want an applicator that knows how to hand-cut tint — without damaging your glass.

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