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What is Bad Window Tint

bad window tint

What is Bad Window Tint

Bad window tint can be confusing because several factors come into play. You can have a good shop with good material that makes a mistake – and fixes it. We call that “being human”. Every shop tries to avoid it, but it does happen from time to time. You can have outstanding installers working with dyed or other cheap film that will fail no matter what. You can also have a good film in the hands of those who are learning and end up with an unsightly window tint project.

So, What is an actual lousy window film?

Several factors can make a window tint film less than ideal. One primary factor is the material type. Dyed films or films with the letters CS or the word Hybrid likely should be avoided. There are exceptions. Ceramic Pro had a true carbon film that was labeled CS.

While metallic films used to be the ‘lesser of two evils,” in today’s world of carbon and ceramic options, it is just another example of cheap window tint.

Bad window tints will fade, discolor, and bubble up over time. We have all seen purple blotches on the back of a nice car. Typically, this is caused by a dyed window film.

Can bad window film be fixed?

The only fix for bad window tint is to remove it and replace it with quality window tint. This can get expensive as window tint leaves residue when being removed. It can also damage defroster lines, especially on older vehicles and certain newer cars.

What is a good window film?

There are lots of good and even great window films on the market. Many of today’s brands offer bad, good, better, and best. This means as a consumer; you really need to know what to look for. In general, you want to get an accurate Carbon or Ceramic window tint—nothing Hybrid, CS, Color stable, or metallic.

One (of many) of the reasons we choose Ceramic Pro is they only work with “better” and “best” films.

Who is Auto Detailing 360?

Auto Detailing 360 is Grand Junction’s elite auto detailing company. In addition to window tint, we offer elite-level detailing services, ceramic coatings, paint correction, and paint protection film (clear bra). We are the Grand Valley’s only Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer. Our territory extends from Moab to Rifle and Montrose to Grand Junction.

Popular Cars, Trucks and SUVs

At Auto Detailing 360 we work on all cars and trucks all the time. From Porsche to Kia and from Corvette to Toyota. We just love cars. Starting in early 2023 we are creating project profiles of the vehicles we work on.