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Best Window Tints 2023

best window tints

Purchasing window tint is an investment. There are several reasons why people decide to get their car windows tinted—protection from harmful UV rays, reduced glare, heat reduction, and of course, style—selecting dyed window tints versus color stable with carbon particles or even ceramic window tint, all impacts each of these areas. Regardless of your personal reasons for getting your vehicle tinted, getting the best window tint for your application and budget is essential! Let’s have a look at your window tint options!

Window Tint Brochure

Window Tint Laws Colorado

Before you can even think about purchasing a window tint, you want to make sure that you understand the window tinting laws in your area. We are based in Grand Junction, CO. Here in Colorado, the tinting laws are relatively restrictive. You must have 27% VLT (visible light transmission) all the way around. The exception is your front windshield tint. You can only tint the top 4″ and it must have 70%VLT.

One thing to understand about the windshield. It is typically laminated glass and you are already protected from the Sun’s harmful UV rays.

Dyed window tint Film

Dyed window tint film may look nice when it is first installed; however, it will discolor over time. They provide very little heat rejection, UVA, or UVB rejection, and they may interfere with cell phone signals. In a short period of time, the appearance is degraded, and you are left having to remove a faded, blotchy window tint film that looks awful.

Color Stable Window tint — Carbon window tint.

KAVACHA Carbon and Carbox X films are color-stable, budget-friendly films for your car windows. It will not discolor, blister, or fade. It provides a high degree of UV protection and about 70% reduction in IR heat gain. For this reason, we believe KAVACA window tint is the best budget-friendly window tinting film of 2023. Unless solar heat is a major concern, these are some of the best automotive window tints available.

Best Car Window Tints Overall

If you are looking for the best overall window tint film, KAVACA IR series ceramic window tints are clearly the best option. They are ceramic window tint that is scratch resistant and blocks most IR high heat and UV rays. KAVACA window tint does not interfere with cell phone signals and has a lifetime warranty. Window films can be complicated. Selecting a window tint material such as ceramic tint is one of the best decisions car owners can make; you have full control of the shade, which dictates how much light comes through your car’s windows. Ceramic window film will help keep your vehicle cool, does not interfere with cell phones, will reduce glare, and has outstanding heat reduction properties.

The ceramic particles help in blocking harmful UV rays, and the final installation looks much better than pre-cut window tints. Assuming you select the right tint shop, ceramic film eliminates all the drawbacks of dyed film.

What Type of Car Window Tinting NOT to Buy

Be cautious when purchasing any metalized window tints as they may interfere with cell phone signals as well as GPS and other wireless signals. Stay away from dyed films and most pre-cut window tint films. Make sure that your film is being digitally cut on a plotter.

Benefits of Carbon Tint & Ceramic Tints

There are several huge benefits to using the better and best car window tint as compared to dyed window tinting or metalized window tinting.

  • Glare Reduction
  • Block UV Rays
  • The appearance of Quality Tinted Windows
  • Protection of the Car’s Interior

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