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Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating & Clear Bra Certifed

Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating Certified

There are a ton of ceramic coating and paint protection film products on the market today. Selecting the best ceramic coatings and a properly trained and certified ceramic coating installer is critical to protecting your car’s paint. It is also essential to understand how a ceramic coating and a paint protection film work together to provide a complete paint protection system.

There are a lot of DIY ceramic coating kits and so-called ceramic coating professionals. Many companies only require basic company information and an online course to become certified. By contrast, the Auto Detailing 360 team has received on-site training, traveled to San Diego for hands-on training multiple times, and has even worked with other manufacturers in their facility. Even now, after clearly establishing itself as Grand Junction’s leader in clear bra and ceramic coatings, the Auto Detailing 360 team continues to hone its application skills at training nationwide. Most recently, we attended the Ceramic Pro PPF Training. The photos in this article are from a three-day training in San Diego in December of 2022.

We are more than just certified to install ceramic coatings. We are Ceramic Pro Elite! What does that mean? Of the thousands of dealers Ceramic Pro® has nationwide, only a handful of dealers have the skills, volume, and qualification to become an Elite Dealer. If you are looking for ceramic car coatings and paint protection films, we are the Elite choice for car owners here in Grand Junction, CO. We offer more than just professional-grade car coatings. We offer high-quality ceramic coating products that are the hardest in the industry with the peace of mind that comes with a nationwide warranty that can be serviced at thousands of locations. Don’t leave protecting your vehicle’s paint to just anyone! We will remove and prevent light scratches and swirl marks.

ION Nano ceramic coating

Ceramic Pro has launched the successor to the original nano ceramic coating. While Ceramic Pro-grade ceramic coatings have been the best of the best for years, Ceramic Pro ION is the newest technology in nano-ceramic coatings. It provides a stronger, harder, and more chemical-resistant finish than multiple layers of 9H. Ceramic Pro ION is 10x harder per coat than the “other” competitor.

This is not a semi-permanent bond. We offer the only permanent ceramic coatings in the industry! Our nano-coating will protect your car’s exterior and greatly improve scratch resistance.

Paint Protection Film With Ceramic Coatings Built In

Our KAVACA film is the smoothest, most glossy paint protection and clear bra in the industry. It is considerably thicker and stronger than most dealership and competitor films. The built-in ceramic coating means that water beads and sheds off. Paint protection film hides swirl marks and protects against rock chips.faq

DIY Ceramic Coating Kit

We completely understand the allure of a DIY ceramic coating kit. If you already have the high-end tools to do a paint correction, they are an ok temporary option. We see all the crazy claims all over Facebook too. If you are simply looking to make your car shine for a year or are looking for a wax alternative and you are comfortable with the prep, there is nothing wrong with it. Just understand it does not compare.

A better option is to either get one of our Ceramic Pro Details that includes the Ceramic Pro Sport spray ceramic coating or to order some of our ceramic spray coatings online. Both will give you a great shine for 3-6months, bead water, and look nice. They just do not add the hardness or level of protection that a true nanoceramic coating provides.

Ceramic Coating FAQS

Are all ceramic coatings the same?

Definitely not. Many ceramic coating for cars simply sits on top of the car’s paint while others bond chemically to the paint and provide a true protective layer.

My car is new. Why do I need paint correction?

Your car has been washed in a factory and likely transported, uncovered on rail and via truck. even if it had a car wax on it, the abuse that it will take in transport and with the daily washes it will get at the dealership, will leave flaws all over the car’s paint. Once a ceramic coating cures, if not paint correction is done, those scratches, swirls, and imperfections will be hard to remove. We include paint correction in the ceramic coating cost.

How long does a ceramic coat last?

There are many ceramic coatings on the market, making a lot of claims. We have inexpensive sport packages that will last 6 months. A bronze package that will last two years and an ION package that is backed with a 7-year, nationwide warranty. Finally, we offer our Ultimate IION package which is a lifetime ceramic coating for cars that has a nationwide lifetime warranty.

What is a ceramic spray coating?

There is nothing wrong with ceramic spray coatings. They are just not comparable to ceramic coatings. Ceramic sprays should be considered a substantial upgrade and alternative to car wax. There is simply no reason to wax a car. A good spray ceramic is better. It is just not a true ceramic coating.

What is a nano-ceramic coating?

Most ceramic coatings sit on top of the paint. Some stick very well and others less so. They are non-permanent. Nano ceramic coatings, like Ceramic Pro ION, exchange ions with the coating itself. This creates a permanent and unreadable bond. The only way to get a nanoceramic off is to grind or otherwise abrade it off and take some of the paint with it. It is our opinion that the only ceramic paint coating you should consider is a nano-ceramic coating that permanently bonds to the car’s paint.

The better nano ceramic coatings have multiple layers. Each layer bonds to the existing ceramic coating from the previous coat.

What is the best Ceramic Coating for Cars?

If you are looking for the best ceramic coating, the Ceramic Pro ION series of ceramic coatings is the way to go. Ceramic Pro Ultimate ION ceramic coatings have been proven to last a lifetime, while its sister ceramic coating Ceramic Pro ION will last 7 years. Ceramic Pro 9H products used in their lifetime and 5-year ceramic coatings are also outstanding.

Why would I want a ceramic coating?

The following properties of ceramic coatings make them highly desirable:

  1. Resistant to extreme heat
  2. Nothing is scratch-proof, but they significantly improve scratch resistance.
  3. They protect the car’s clear coat from bird droppings and tree sap.
  4. They protect from chemical etching.
  5. They create a transparent layer that protects the car’s finish.
  6. They create a hydrophobic layer. ION has extreme hydrophobic properties.
  7. Massive improvements in technology in the past few years.
  8. Less time and elbow grease to clean your car’s paint.
  9. Better protective coating than graphene coating or titanium dioxide alone. Graphene coatings sit on top but still provide better protection than conventional wax.
  10. The painted surfaces on vehicles is getting thinner and thinner. DIY consumer kits do not permanently protect the paint job.
  11. Even ceramic wax starts to break down immediately. Good ceramic coatings do not.
  12. Protection from UV Rays
  13. Despite claims, the paint protection film is better at protecting from rock chips.
  14. A ceramic-coated car will look better and likely retain its value better.
  15. Better longevity than spray-on products.

How are ceramic coatings applied?

This is a multi-day process. First, the vehicle is washed and chemically decontaminated. Next, the vehicle is treated with a clay bar before being polished back to a mirror shine that removes most swirl marks and scratches. Next, the ceramic coating is applied to an applicator pad in a cross-hatch pattern. A microfiber towel is used to level the coating and additional microfiber cloths may be used to buff it. In the case of the best ceramic coatings, this process is repeated multiple times. The coating should not soak into the microfiber towel.

How do I clean a Ceramic Car?

A ceramic-coated car should be washed by hand, preferably using the two-bucket wash method. You should not need to wax your car but several drying agents and spray-on products are available to make the wash easier and maintain hydrophobic properties.

It is important not to take your car through a car wash as it will leave micro scratches or even light scratches and swirl marks.

Do Ceramic Coatings Protect Against Rock Chips?

Paint protection film or clear bra offers better protection against rock chips. While ceramic coating for cars makes them much harder, they can still be impacted by rock chips.

How Much of the Car’s Surface is Ceramic Coated?

All painted surfaces, wheel faces, exterior plastics, and emblems as well as the windshield and two front windows, are ceramic coated.

What is the difference between a clear coat and a ceramic coating product?

A clear coat is just a paint job. It does not offer much protection to the car’s exterior. When we apply ceramic coating to your vehicle, it creates a sacrificial layer over car paint. Applying ceramic coating will protect much better than just more clear, including protection from UV Rays.

What is a Ceramic Coating Worth When You Sell Your Car?

There is no way to judge exactly how much value a ceramic coating adds to your vehicle, but having your vehicle’s paint protected means that your vehicle will look much better when it comes time to sell. Our customers tell us that they can demand more money and that their vehicles sell faster.

Does a ceramic spray coating have the same impact?

No. A ceramic spray coating will not make your paint harder or more resistant to scratches and swirls. It will, however, make your vehicle’s paint more hydrophobic. Did you know there is also ceramic window tint? What is the difference? Find out here!

So what is Ceramic Window Tint?

Have you noticed people are using the words ceramic everywhere? That said, ceramic window tint is harder and blocks more heat. Most of our customers have two simple questions about window tinting. What are the best window tints, and what is window tinting going to cost. We work to answer both of those questions in the linked articles.

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