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Window Tinting Prices

Window Tinting

When it comes to window tinting, there are basically four levels of window tint on the market. As you might expect, these range from being ridiculously cheap to ridiculously expensive. Let’s make this blatantly obvious:

  • Cheap Window Film (Dyed)
  • Good Window Tint (Dyed)
  • Better Window Tint (Carbin Color Tint)
  • Best Window tinting (IR Ceramic)

Cheap Window Tint

There are three ways to cheapen window film. Cheap products, cheap labor, and improper equipment. To put it in perspective, the Graphtec plotter we have here costs about $8,000, and the software to get perfect cuts is another couple of thousand dollars a year. This allows us to get perfect digital cuts every time.

As part of the process of becoming a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, we flew out to San Diego, CA, for 3 days of additional training. Our window tint installer is an experienced detailer who is also certified in paint protection films.

What about the films? Cheap window tint can discolor, blister, and even come off the window altogether. Often it does not have the extensive testing of higher-end window films, or if it is tested, the UVA/UVB and heat rejection numbers will not be nearly as significant as a better window film.

In the not-very-long run, cheap window tint is incredibly expensive as you will be paying a small fortune to have it removed and re-tinted later.

In our opinion, for anything under $150 for two front windows, you are likely getting cheap window film, poor installation, or both.

Good Window Film

Good window films should start in the $150+ range and offer a strong warranty. We have looked at a couple of good window films, and we simply have not found anything that will put up with the Grand Junction summer heat. That said we are expecting a new product from one of our suppliers shortly. Once we are able to test it we may finally have a good-level window film that will make it in the Grand Valley heat.

Good window film may still have some of the problems associated with the cheap window film; they are just less prevalent.

Better Window Tint

The better window tints, such as Ceramic Pro® KAVACA CS Carbon window tint, tend to sit around the $200 mark for two front windows. Better window tints should block most UVA and UVB rays with a heat rejection number hovering at 70% — depending on the shade.

Better window tints should offer a lengthy warranty and be digitally cut for a perfect fit. The company should be certified by a reputable brand and have evidence that they have passed a real training program.

Best Window Tinting

Ceramic window tinting products are widely regarded as the best window tint products on the market. They are multi-layer, scratch-resistant, color stable, and more difficult to install. True ceramic window tint should block almost all UVA and UVB as well as IR Heat gain, depending on the shade. KAVACA IR Ceramic Window Tinting is among the best we have seen.

Where to Purchase Window Tint

Obviously, we believe Auto Detailing 360 is the best choice for window tinting in town. If we were not around, there are only two other places we would consider. Pro Window Tinting and Color Auto.

New Window Tint From Ceramic Pro is Coming

Ceramic Pro® is getting ready to launch a new line of window film and again take the industry by storm.

KAVACA Ultimate IR

KAVACA Ultimate IR is the World’s FIRST Luxury Ceramic Window Film. It utilizes advanced nanoceramic technology. This new product will be the best-performance window tint on the market and blocks up to 99% of all Infrared Radiation. This represents the new standard in the window tint industry and is easily the best heat-rejecting window film ever on the market.

Blocking heat and UVA ad UVB rays in darker shades is easy. The unique construction of this 2-mil film offers great installation and up to 95% of IR blocking in the 80 percent visible light or nearly transparent films.

This results in unequaled comfort, clarity and experience for the driver and passengers without impacting the darkness of your windows. KAVACA Ultimate IR is exclusively offered by Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers across North and South America – like Auto Detailing 360!


Have your cheap window tint and still get quality. OK, maybe cheap is not the word KAVACA Carbon X bridges provide an experience similar to premium window tints at a price point closer to entry-level window tint — without the drawbacks! Using a proprietary blend of nano-carbon and nano-ceramic particles, along with a Next Generation manufacturing process – Carbon X protected windows can achieve heat rejection numbers approaching 95 percent of infrared radiation at the price of a carbon film.

According to Ceramic Pro “Carbon X is engineered to further protect your skin, interior materials, and valuables from 99.9 percent UVA and UVB radiation. When successfully installed by Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers, this Next Gen entry-level film is backed by a full lifetime warranty.”

In addition to tint, we offer a full line of Ceramic Coatings, including Ceramic Pro ION and Ultimate ION.

Auto Detailing 360 is your go-to destination for automotive solutions in Mesa County, including Grand Junction, Fruita, and Palisade. As an exclusive Elite Dealer from Rifle, CO to Moab Utah, and covering Montrose and Delta, we offer services like window tinting, residential window tint, paint protection film, Ceramic Coatings, and Detailing.

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