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Auto Detailing 360 Partners with Ceramic Pro® Creating Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction

Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction

Auto Detailing 360, the Grand Valley’s largest distributor of detailing products, has partnered with Ceramic Pro Americas to launch Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction. This upscale auto salon and full detailing service provider in Grand Junction is a locally owned provider of Ceramic Pro’s line-up of ceramic coatings, paint protection film and window tint. 

Grand Junction, Colo. (PRWEB) – Auto Detailing 360 is proud to announce the launch of Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction. Auto Detailing 360 was established in 2021 and quickly became the largest distributor of professional detailing products in the Grand Valley. In 2022 Auto Detailing 360 began its affiliation with Ceramic Pro Americas and recently became a flagship location of their new Elite Dealer Program.

Since its opening, Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction has been the choice of residents in the Western Slope cities of Fruita, Palisade, Moab, Utah, Montrose, and other towns in Mesa County. As an exclusive Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, this upscale auto salon in Grand Junction installs the full complement of Ceramic Pro nano coatings and KAVACA Paint Protection Film and Window Tint solutions.

The primary objective of the Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer program is to create a unified series of professional auto spas that makes the buying process seamless and enjoyable while building relationships for years to come.

Elite Dealers offer Ceramic Pro’s exclusive protective products, including Ceramic Pro ION™ Ceramic Coatings, KAVACA Ultimate IR Window Film, and the new Ultimate Armor™ complete exterior vehicle protection program – the world’s first-lifetime warranty for exterior vehicle protection. Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction was one of the first locations to offer the Ultimate Armor package and is onboarding Ceramic Pro ION currently.

“The Grand Junction area is growing, but the options for auto detailing, ceramic coatings, and paint protection films have not grown nearly as fast,” noted Justin Krauss, Managing Member of Auto Detailing 360.

“While Grand Junction, Delta, Montrose, and even Moab have a Plethora of local detail companies and mobile detailing companies, there was not a single Ceramic Pro Elite dealer this side of Glenwood Springs. By partnering with Ceramic Pro, we can offer services that carry legitimate warranties backed nationwide,” Krauss concluded.

Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction is operated by Justin and Riina Kraus. These two represent the company’s owners and members of the International Detailing Association. Krauss, the company’s Managing Member, focuses on customer satisfaction, sales, marketing, and the website. At the same time, the technical team and focuses on product application, detailing, and shop management.

“While a nice facility and good staff are important, what is truly powerful about Elite Dealers such as Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction is that they are part of an exclusive network that ensures that all future services will be provided at the same level, in all of North America,” stated Brett Benito, CEO of Ceramic Pro.

Benito concluded, “People move, vehicles are sold, and those owners move. Since all Ceramic Pro warranties are assigned to the VIN and documented on Carfax, the transferable warranty, provided through a Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, ensures that the customer can have the peace of mind that their vehicle is truly covered throughout North America.”

Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction offers its services to customers from Rifle, Co to Moab, UT, and from Grand Junction to Montrose and some of the neighboring mountain communities. When asked about the large footprint, Krauss responded, “We are worth the drive.”

Please visit our website to learn about Ceramic Pro Elite Grand Junction, review our services, or book a consultation.

About Auto Detailing 360

Auto Detailing 360 started in 2021 and quickly became the largest distributor of detailing products in the Grand Valley. With national brands like WeatherTech®, SONAX®, and Chemical Guys®, Auto Detailing 360 sought to bring a local source for detailing supplies. In 2022 Auto Detailing 360 began its affiliation with Ceramic Pro, offering lifetime ceramic coatings, paint protection film, window tinting, and coatings.

Located just west of downtown, Auto Detailing 360 is located in a facility occupying over 10,000 square feet and four of the six buildings in the 632 W Gunnison Campus. When you walk into the facility, the company’s affiliation with Ceramic Pro® is immediately visible. Utilizing the trademark Ceramic Pro Elite image, the dark black wall with digital menus, videos, and LED signs is the first thing you see.

As you continue through the facility, the company has a start of the art wash bay featuring multiple pressure washers, led lighting, and a water purification system. From there, you are taken to the area where coatings, tinting, and paint protection are performed.

High-powered compressed air is piped in from next door. Portable and ceiling-mounted lighting to make sure every potential flaw is seen and a photo area complete with flooring from Garage Flooring LLC. Auto Detailing 360 offers a complete line-up of professional detailing and surface protection solutions. To set up a consultation or to review our services, visit /.

About Ceramic Pro Americas

Based in San Diego, California, Ceramic Pro Americas (CPA) is a business solutions provider focusing on the automotive, marine, and industrial aftermarket restyling and protection market. We are the exclusive distributor of Ceramic Pro coatings, KAVACA Paint Protection Film, KAVACA Window Film, and Americana Global Professional Detailing Supplies throughout North and South America.

The litany of business solutions created by CPA begins with Elite Dealer™. The Elite Dealer Program by Ceramic Pro Americas provides professional auto salons the opportunity to own valuable online and physical real estate and receive business growth, technical guidance, marketing support, and mentorship from Corporate Leaders.

Elite Dealers sell and install the highest-quality professional protection products, including Ceramic Pro Coatings, KAVACA Films, and Americana Global Professional Aftercare supplies. Further, Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers exclusively offer the Ultimate Armor Package, the world’s first complete vehicle protection solution backed by a lifetime limited warranty – and documented on a Carfax Vehicle History Report.

Ceramic Pro Americas serves a certified detailer network of more than 5,000 locations in North America and several countries in South America. Among the other business solutions Ceramic Pro Americas provides are CP Shop Manager, CP Education, Lead Generation, Social Media, Digital Marketing assistance, and business development mentorship.

To learn more about Ceramic Pro Americas, please visit our website at

Services Offered: Ceramic Coating, ION, Ultimate ION, Paint Correction, Window Tinting, and a full line of detailing products, including the Rupes Bigfoot System! Most of our customers have two simple questions about window tinting. What are the best window tints, and what is window tinting going to cost. We work to answer both of those questions in the linked articles.

Popular Cars, Trucks and SUVs

At Auto Detailing 360 we work on all cars and trucks all the time. From Porsche to Kia and from Corvette to Toyota. We just love cars. Starting in early 2023 we are creating project profiles of the vehicles we work on.