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Will I Get Pulled Over for Illegal Window Tint in Grand Junction

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Perhaps the better question is, is the risk of the window tint you want to install worth the potential reward? As you pull out of your cul-de-sac early morning or evening, will you see the kid on the way to or from school?

There is no functional reason for dark window tint in 2023. With ceramic window tint and Ultimate IR window tint, blocking over 95% of heat while staying legal is entirely within reach.

Earlier this month, Justin Krauss of Ceramic Pro Grand Junction had the opportunity to have an off-the-record conversation with local law enforcement. The short answer was every officer makes that decision for themselves, and in most cases, it comes down to officer safety. There are officers in Mesa County who actively enforce tint laws.

Another interesting tidbit we learned was that there has been increasing pressure from the state to enforce the tint laws.

It is important to understand we can’t give legal advice, and this article should not be construed as such. This is our understanding of Colorado TInt Law enforcement based on a brief conversation.

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