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What is the best way to protect my new car or truck?

Ultimate Armor Car Protection

I ordered my Chevy Camaro SS2 from Justin McCoy at Ed Bozarth Chevrolet months ago and I still don’t have a build date. Once it arrives, as a detail shop owner, I have given very careful thought to the best way to protect my new car!

Justin Krauss, Auto Detailing 360, LLC

The car and truck market has drastically changed over the last couple of years. My last two vehicles, a Chevy 2500 HD Diesel High Country and a Chevy Camaro SS2 with the 1LE package, were not in stock. The truck was already on the way, and I paid for it without seeing it. The Camaro is a custom build, and I am still waiting… and waiting. What am I going to do to protect my new car when it arrives?

There are a lot of great options. I could use a ceramic coating or a clear bra. I could wrap my whole vehicle in a paint-protection film. Maybe park it in the garage and only drive it on Sundays, but what fun is that?

Wrapping the whole vehicle in paint protection film is an expensive option. It would provide outstanding protection, and I would never need to worry about rock chips or grocery carts. Unless you are looking to restyle your vehicle with a matte paint protection film, a full wrap is not really necessary — at least not for me.

Clear bras provide outstanding protection from rock chips where they are most likely to occur. My new Camaro is going to be a beautiful blue color, so doing just a clear bra and having lines on the fenders and hood just isn’t an option.

Ceramic Coatings are amazing and a must-have for me. They bring out the color while adding an insane gloss. They cut down on maintenance and the idea of not having to wax or protect my car every time I wash it is appealing. The ceramic coatings we offer are among the highest hardness in the industry. The question is, will that protect me from a rock chip at…….. 75MPH….. on I-70? I’m not sure I want to leave that to chance.

The Complete Lifetime Vehicle Protection Dilemma Solved

My choice for vehicle protection is simple. The new Ceramic Pro® Ultimate Armor package. It provides a lifetime appearance warranty and a complete exterior. From wheel faces to paint.

A full front paint protection film (ppf) means the areas of my vehicle most likely to get rock chips are protected, but there will not be any lines. In fact, it will be glossy and beautiful. My hood, fenders, bumper, and door cups will all be covered.

The exterior paint, plastic, and wheel faces will be coated with a Ceramic Pro Ultimate ION package (included with Ultimate Armor). Even my glass surfaces will be coated with ceramic. Our 7-Year Ceramic Pro Ion is also a great choice.

The entire exterior now has a lifetime appearance package and warranty, so what is left to do? There are two add-ons I will be doing. Ok, make that three.

  • Wheels Off Package: The 1LE package comes with beautiful wheels and colored brake calipers. I am going to spend the extra money to have them removed and have the entire wheel and caliper coated.
  • KAVACA IR Ceramic Window Tint: For me, it is not about looking cool; it is about heat gain and UVA and UVB rays. The ceramic film will give me the best protection there is. It will also look pretty darn amazing.
  • Finally, I am going to add a Ceramic Pro interior coatings package. My leather, carpet, dash, and all remaining plastic and vinyl will be protected by specialized ceramic coatings. That way, if I accidentally go a little fast and the pucker factor gets a little intense for my passenger, clean-up will be a breeze. More likely, my interior is protected when I’m backing out of my driveway and spill my coffee, but that was fun to think about 🙂

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In addition to coatings and film, keeping up with regular detailing is important. After ceramic coatings, Auto Detailing 360 includes required inspections as part of their detailing in Grand Junction.

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