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Paint Protection Film — Fact & Fiction.

KAVACA Paint Protection Film (PPF) as Clear Bra

Paint protection film or clear bra has a lot of falsehoods associated with it. People also greatly misunderstand how combining it with other products will impact the total cost and performance. As the Western Slopes Ceramic Pro Elite Dealer, we want to ensure we end the confusion.

Paint Protection Film Is Expensive

New cars are expensive. Getting your car or truck repainted is an expense. Protecting the most vulnerable portions of your vehicle from rock chips is an asset. Pain protection film over the most critical parts runs $899. We can cover the entire front end. Just the bumper is $499. That is for our highest-end KAVACA ceramic-infused PPF.

The most cost-effective way to protect an entire vehicle is a combination of paint protection film and ceramic coatings. We can add a partial front to any ceramic coating package for $500. On the high end, you can get a lifetime ceramic coating and a lifetime, full-front PPF package for under $4,000.

A Clear Bra is Going to Terrible and Reduce the Value of My Vehicle.

This might be true, depending on the product you go with, the color of your vehicle, and how much coverage you get. So let’s look at some basics.

KAVACA film is optically clear. In English, that means it adds some gloss, but otherwise, you would never know it is there. Unlike our competitor’s film, we do not have that funky orange peel texture either.

KAVACA does not change colors and has a 12-year warranty.

One thing we have noticed is a partial front on a white vehicle is hard to keep clean. We usually suggest a full front for white vehicles.

Forget Ceramic Coating, Just PPF All of It

Starting at $6,000 we would be happy to. In most cases, it is not your best bet. First, there are areas it will not stick. Second, you can get your car back faster, spend less money, and have outstanding protection with the Ultimate Armor package.

In most cases, combining PPF and Ceramic Coatings is your best bet.

Clear Bras and Paint Protection Film are Indestructible

Like most things, anytime you get an outrageous claim, run. The paint protection film is an 8mil flexible film. We’ve seen it stop rock chops at 79 MPH on I-70.

We have even seen it make ‘Colorado Pinstripes’ virtually disappear.

But if you are driving through De Beque Canyon on your way back from Glenwood Springs and a big chunk of rock hits you, it will leave a mark. We would not suggest testing our local Pinyon trees either.

The bottom line is common sense. Rock chips on your daily drive. Chances are you are protected. Four wheeling through brush and tumbleweed…. Not so much

The Edges on a Clear Bra or PPF will Peel

First, use a quality installer! Second, allow them to keep the vehicle overnight, especially in the winter. While it does happen from time to time, proper installation and care alleviate most peeling in most cases.

As factory-trained Elite installers, we know what areas we can wrap and what areas we can’t. If you have an issue, bring it by, and we will fix it.

All PPF is the Same, and it is All Clear.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. There are four things you want when selecting PPF.

  • Factory-trained installers.
  • 8 Mil or better film
  • Optically clear with zero texture
  • Ceramic infused.

How do I wash a Car that has PPF or Ceramic?

  • Avoid automatic car washes.
  • Use the Two Bucket wash method.
  • Never get a pressure washer up close and personal with your paint protection film.
  • We love American Global PPF Soap and Shampoo. We are happy to give you a sample with your package and show you how to use it
  • Bring it to us at least once a year. We also have maintenance packages.
  • We do have rinseless wash available for winter months and we are happy to show you how to use it.

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